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    @LaFayette hmm...says everything is done. Not that I woulda been of much if any help anyway.

    At any rate, Rock OnRock On !!!.png

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  • FWIW, the task list of this project is being kept @ https://github.com/triplea-game/triplea/projects/17

    On deck:

    renaming all map preview images to be 'preview.png' extracting map descriptions and adding a 'description.html' with existing description to each map removing the 'map/' folder in each map repository

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  • Opening this up further, the map server scanning maps will get interesting.

    We have a 'map' folder in each map today because of legacy reasons and how the maps used to be packaged. AFAIK this is no longer needed.

    I'm thinking to bulk update the existing maps to remove this folder and move all content up by one.

    The maps-server will see a lot of action pretty soon and the description of map instead of being in 'triplea-maps.yaml' will instead be found in the map repository in a specially named 'description.html' file. Similar for the preview image being 'preview.png' For all existing maps I think the map-admin team can help ensure those changes happen.

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  • Lot of progress has been made for the 2.6 game engine to use a 'map.yml' file. Changes are being proposed now with documentation around the file: https://github.com/triplea-game/triplea/pull/8704/commits/fc6a95cd3ba758f9d5645743ea4243ea3a1d99be

    Please jump in with commentary on how the documentation could be better or broadly about the map.yml file (this is perhaps the last chance we have to refine the attribute names and anything else in the file).

    For context, not only will the 'map.yml' file be used by the game engine, but it'll be used by the maps-server as well. That server will automatically scan map repositories and index the context of the 'map.yml' file. This will remove the need for the 'triplea_maps.yml' file.

    DanVanAtta created this issue in triplea-game/triplea open Read & Generate Map Description YAML (map.yml) files #8704

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