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    @wc_sumpton Yes. The map options version is the one that I think would fit Iron War best. I think it would be the best solution as it could potentially function alongside an AI that could use the Actions and Operations, even just randomly. Then it would not press that button at least, and it would be up to humans if the AI and/or themselves used fuel.

    Could you post the xml so I could use it or copy over the codes you have made? That would be great.

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  • RE: Favorite Playlists & Songs while Vanquishing foes

    @captain-crunch Here's one for the Canadian warriors out there...


    Scared- the Tragically Hip

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  • RE: Route finder can't find the existing valid route

    @redrum @Cernel We could just rewrite the current description of the Bugs category to say "Report bugs and usability issues related to the game engine, maps and mods here"? Remember that casual players might never drop by Github. We are lucky if they drop by here 😁

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  • RE: Unit Tooltip Improvements & Poll

    If it is decided to always show dice-type as part of unit info (as this is currently not shown anywhere easily seen by the player, and as AA units may their own dice types, and as these dice types may change during game) it seems to me logical to use the / slash to show dice types in tooltips during play. Like:

    Infantry (Germany)
    1/6 Attack
    2/6 Defense
    1 Move
    +1/6 Bonus attack power from Artillery

    Mathematically it reads for example one/sixth attack and that is the actual hit chance.
    And yes, att/def info should then not be cramped onto 1 line as using several lines would simply be move readable.

    I can see good reasons for displaying the dice types. If AA chances will be displaying dice type, why not also regular game dice. It would spare players and mapmakers from having to go into notes to for info like "This map uses 6 sided dice, and this and that unit type uses this AA dice, until maybe changed by this and that event in game... etc." (Like triggers)

    A for how to display values in purchase, I really like Hepps separation line. I think we would be good if we replaced the current purchase info slashes with these separation lines. I think we should stick to very simplifyed unit info display at purchase, similar to the current, as long as tooltips also pop up at purchase.

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  • RE: Route finder can't find the existing valid route

    @beelee control click

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  • RE: Unit Tooltip Improvements & Poll

    @alkexr The only reason I went with the vertical is because we will have certain areas where there will be negative values. So again for clarity... I was suggesting something that cannot be mistaken for meaning something else. I was just offering another option.

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  • RE: Drop 'Bot' column in lobby

    @lafayette I actually hope or think all sort by players or game in prog lafay (either way to edit in) the bot column does not matter but it would be nice to keep it for the future maybe? To be used for other things?

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  • RE: Unit Tooltip Improvements & Poll

    @frostion Yeah, some of the descriptions will need reworked a bit if we go with option #2. This is one of the reasons a decision needs made on ordering before putting more time into this.

    @alkexr Only issue with dashes is they are used for negative numbers.

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  • RE: Unit Tooltip Improvements & Poll

    The voting seems like a tight race. 🙄 Maybe it's not the best way to decide stuff ... But then again it reminds me of what Churchill said about democracy 😁

    I hope people are aware that the current descriptions favour option 1:
    "Can produce units: 1:"
    makes more sense than
    "1 Can produce units" displayed in the example.

    Be aware that the descriptions can ofcours be rephrased to fit the format we end up with. GO VOTE! 😃

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  • Drop 'Bot' column in lobby

    Would be helpful from a code perspective, and I think from a UI perspective as well to remove the 'bot' column in the lobby window:

    Typically when opening lobby I see:

    The column in question is the one to the left of "EV". I personally sort by host name when wanting to view bots, all bot hosts are even required to begin with the word "bot".

    Expanding the bot column so it's visible:

    Opening this thread to track discussion around this if any.

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