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  • RE: Fog of War

    @Schulz The game logic isn't really designed to handle that.
    Basically the way the game currently works is that there's one state of the game (the savegame so to speak) and all clients just display this one state directly, a similar problem to simultaneous movement.
    The code assumes to know everything and the battles and the AI operate on that global knowledge.
    We'd not only have to hide certain territories, but change all code that shows the live actions of other players too.
    That's a lot of work, especially when we're only doing this in our free time. There are just some other things like fixing the bugs that are semi-automatically reported every day that have just higher priority.

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  • RE: Games with modified XML's can't be uploaded to bots.

    It'll be hard to say more until we know more about this problem. FWIW, save games have always required parts of the original map (for example territory names IIRC). There has been an attempt over time to reduce the dependency on an existing map, but for sure you do need a map to load a save game for that map. Name hacking will be unreliable but could work if you know what you're doing.

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  • RE: Error loading my new(ish) map

    The error message would ideally be much better, this is kinda poor on the TripleA engine part.

    Try running the XML through a validator, it might be able to give you an idea where the problem is:

    If you still can't find the error in the validator, try commenting out large blocks of the XML and re-validating until you have a valid XML. Then uncomment blocks until you find the part that is giving the validation error.

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  • RE: Games with modified XML's can't be uploaded to bots.

    FWIW, bot code was pretty minimally updated, but we had a lot of modifications in 2.0 in general and it would not be too surprising if there was something changed in there that impacted this.

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  • RE: Games with modified XML's can't be uploaded to bots.

    Hmm AFAIK we didn't intentionally remove anything like that.
    @LaFayette basically rewrote the lobby code which touched parts of the bot code, so that might have affected this in a way, or maybe some careless refactoring by myself or others removed this functionality. Hard to tell. If we knew the version when this stopped working it would help a lot, but I doubt that we can easily test this due to compatibility issues.

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  • RE: to prastle

    @SilverBullet thanks bro

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