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  • RE: typeAA question

    @beelee You can only have 1 typeAA per unit and I think generally you want all unit with the same typeAA to have the same number of dice sides.

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  • RE: Read First!

    @prastle @Cernel Is it time we merged "Bug Reports" category into 'Help & Questions'?

    (1) The game engine is contradictory to this category and directs users to submit bug reports directly to the bug tracker.

    (2) We've agreed it's most efficient to direct users to bug tracker first and not have a meta-task of moving reports

    (3) Help & Questions i basically the same thing, why do we need 2 categories?

    (4) There are a number of issues with how we track bugs if we have a forum category to track bugs, and a bug tracker. Sorry to be redundant, in softare development, bug tracking is specific software to track tasks. 'Forum' software is not a bug tracker. There are a few key apps for any software project, bug tracking is one.

    (5) The split of bug report and help & questions does not help. If you have questions, your first question is perhaps if you have a question or if you have a bug. Then there is the 'read this first' message to understand and then compare with the ''help & questions" category.

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  • RE: Categories and/or tags

    And an example of nested variables:

        <variable name="russianAntiAirTargets">
          <element name="russianFighter"/>
          <element name="russianTacticalBomber"/>
        <variable name="americanAntiAirTargets">
          <element name="americanFighter"/>
          <element name="americanTacticalBomber"/>
        <variable name="AntiAirTargets">
          <element name="russianAntiAirTargets"/>
          <element name="americanAntiAirTargets"/>
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  • RE: Categories and/or tags

    Alright. So got some initial code working around tackling defining variables. Here in a example of TWW:

        <variable name="AntiTankTargets">
          <element name="germanMech.Infantry"/>
          <element name="germanTank"/>
          <element name="germanHeavyTank"/>
          <element name="germanHeavyTank-damaged"/>
          <element name="russianMech.Infantry"/>
          <element name="russianTank"/>
          <element name="russianHeavyTank"/>
          <element name="russianHeavyTank-damaged"/>
          <element name="americanMech.Infantry"/>
          <element name="americanTank"/>
          <element name="americanHeavyTank"/>
          <element name="americanHeavyTank-damaged"/>
          <element name="italianMech.Infantry"/>
          <element name="italianTank"/>
          <element name="italianHeavyTank"/>
          <element name="italianHeavyTank-damaged"/>
          <element name="japaneseMech.Infantry"/>
          <element name="japaneseTank"/>
          <element name="japaneseHeavyTank"/>
          <element name="japaneseHeavyTank-damaged"/>
          <element name="britishMech.Infantry"/>
          <element name="britishTank"/>
          <element name="britishHeavyTank"/>
          <element name="britishHeavyTank-damaged"/>
          <element name="chineseMech.Infantry"/>
          <element name="chineseTank"/>
          <element name="spanishTank"/>
          <element name="brazilianTank"/>
          <element name="turkishTank"/>
          <element name="swedishTank"/>
        <attachment name="unitAttachment" attachTo="germanAntiTankGun" javaClass="games.strategy.triplea.attachments.UnitAttachment" type="unitType">
          <option name="attack" value="1"/>
          <option name="defense" value="1"/>
          <option name="isAAforCombatOnly" value="true"/>
          <option name="typeAA" value="AntiTankGun"/>
          <option name="targetsAA" value="AntiTankTargets"/>
          <option name="maxAAattacks" value="1"/>
          <option name="maxRoundsAA" value="-1"/>	  
          <option name="transportCost" value="2"/>
          <option name="mayOverStackAA" value="true"/>
          <option name="movement" value="1"/>
          <option name="attackAA" value="2"/>
          <option name="isLandTransportable" value="true"/>
          <option name="requiresUnits" value="germanFactory"/>
          <option name="canBeGivenByTerritoryTo" value="Germany"/>
          <option name="damageableAA" value="true"/>
          <option name="canInvadeOnlyFrom" value="none"/>
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  • RE: Categories and/or tags

    @alkexr I like variable as well just wasn't sure if its too technical for most map makers.

    Ok I'll go with something like option #1 or #3 then.

    Do you think variables are useful in anything besides attachments?

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  • RE: Categories and/or tags

    @alkexr Thanks for the input and posting your code. Yeah, its possible to implement both and even so you could use a combination like you point out. I think I'm gonna start with categories and see how that goes and then consider adding the ability to 'tag' to add to or create a category.

    I think the next question is what's the best/easiest way to define them. I don't think I'm going to do any validation at the category level and just treat them as essentially a list of strings which get validated later on when they actually set into the values. Any thoughts on whether its easier to have each item as its own element vs just a colon delimited list? I'd also think if going with each item as its own element then using its base type is easier than a generic 'element'.

    Also, do you think category is the best thing to call it? Couple alternatives I thought of is "list" or "variable" or "map".

    Option #1

        <category name="anyMech.Infantry">
            <element name="germanMech.Infantry"/>
            <element name="italianMech.Infantry"/>
            <element name="japaneseMech.Infantry"/>

    Option #2

        <category name="anyMech.Infantry" value="germanMech.Infantry:italianMech.Infantry:japaneseMech.Infantry"/>

    Option #3

        <category name="anyMech.Infantry">
            <unit name="germanMech.Infantry"/>
            <unit name="italianMech.Infantry"/>
            <unit name="japaneseMech.Infantry"/>
        <category name="axisPlayers">
          <player name="Italians"/>
          <player name="Germans"/>
          <player name="Japanese"/>
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  • RE: Categories and/or tags

    So I've decided to resurrect this thread and take a stab at implementing some of this given some of the pain I've experienced updating the TWW XML.

    @alkexr I know you ended up doing solution #3 and posted a few things around how it works:

    It appears there are a couple areas that you tackled from what I can tell:

    1. Allowing lists of elements (looks like you ended up using tags to do it)
    2. Allowing a foreach loop for generating multiple attachments for a list of say players
    3. Having a set of operations for combining lists: operations. ˇ is "or", or join; ^ is "and", or intersection, ~ is "and not"

    Looking to see if you have any input/thoughts before I dive into this. I probably will focus on #1 first as it shouldn't be that hard. It appears you went with implementing a version of solution #2 around tags rather than solution #1 with categories, any reasoning there? I'm actually leaning more towards solution #1 as I think its probably more explicit and can manage all the lists in a single place.

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  • RE: attackAA question

    @beelee Ok. If you still have issues, posting your XML or map zip so I can take a look would help.

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