• RE: Taking your suggestions for a new UI

    @Cernel Way back when I setup the forum, my idea was that the "Announcements" category was a special category where only devs could create posts, so everything in there can be considered "official".
    I probably thought that only admins should be able to edit their own posts there so I restricted the editing priviledge in order to achieve that.
    However up until now I didn't realize that mods are not able to edit posts under that initial post, so yeah that should be changed probably.
    I'd recommend you create a new topic (maybe in bunker or wherever you prefer, just not here in this topic) to dicsuss what should be possible and what shouldn't and how closely we're able to achieve that with the NodeBB permission system.

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  • RE: Taking your suggestions for a new UI

    @RoiEX Oh, that's peculiar. Has it to be that way? I'm not sure I'm seeing a reason for having different editing privileges within some parts of the forum, aside from the threads where you report moderation related issues. This is likely going to remain mildly confusing, especially if not documented.

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  • RE: Add mustSubmerge Unit Attribute

    Just my 2 cents, I've observed/played a game with sub vs sub. One is feeling lucky with the dice roll, is behind maybe and wants to get an extra kill. The other player does not value their sub a lot, thinks their opponent is making a mistake, and stays in the battle

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  • RE: Taking your suggestions for a new UI

    @Captain-Crunch The announcements category is a little bit more protected, only admins can create threads here, that's probably the reason why posts can't be edited by non-admins as well

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  • RE: List of possible sounds in sounds.properties

    I am right now sitting a long way apart from my computer, on my phone, thinking of TripleA map map making, so please excuse that I do not just test this out via an xml. But...

    If I want to add a specific custom sound to a notification, is it as simple as just:

    ... adding a triggered notification to a trigger. Like a notification called "niceSound"

    ... then add, to the sound.properties file, a line called

    ... and ofcours have the mp3 file in the "sounds" directory.

    ??? Or does there have to be something written in the notifications txt file also???

    I am asking as I have been playing around with sound files lately, but not so much with custom condition and triggered "event" like sounds.

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  • RE: Been banned? Complaint or problem? Post here

    @Captain-Crunch @Cernel I locked it a while ago to avoid folks posting feature requests in that thread as I want new feature requests to be separate threads so its easier to track and discuss.

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