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  • RE: TOTAL GLOBAL WORLD WAR II- fusion & clean-up PROJECT

    @ebbe said in TOTAL GLOBAL WORLD WAR II- fusion & clean-up PROJECT:

    ...All of USSR is lost but a far east territory will get liberated it is to little benefit for the Russians to get these UP's in that case better to give it to the liberator: ...

    Hmm ... been lookin at this. I guess Idk how triplea works where your allies get the PUs when they liberate your TTy and your capital is occupied. I don't see any property's to activate. Maybe it's hard wired ?

    Anyway, if your capital is occupied, you won't get the dough when your ally liberates one of your TTys. It'll go to the liberator.

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  • RE: AA and targets with multiple hit points, how many dice?

    I think you may have to look at which maps have the combination of properties set to see how it is used. I can imagine a few different variations of how such behavior would be used.

    Generally, if the intent were to be able to shoot down a multi-hit-point air unit, it would make more sense to me for the AA to do more than 1 damage.

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  • RE: AA and targets with multiple hit points, how many dice?

    My initial thought is one AA shot per plane, regardless of hit points.

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  • RE: Unit Scroller Issues & RFC on Changes

    This PR is staged to make a number of these changes:

    Screenshot from 2020-11-25 20-11-12

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  • RE: In roughly which rounds your WWII games end?

    Long response here, but this is how I think about it FWIW:

    TripleA is a game of competing supply lines. There can be multiple fronts and you can "feed" the different fronts at different rates with a supply line. An opponent has an opposing set of supply lines that compete against yours. There is a push and pull as the supply lines do not have to matched and both players are trying to create an imbalance to gain a tactical advantage where they can advance their front. When a front advances, you gain more income, your supply line lengths, but so does your income per turn and the rate at which you can send units down that supply line. So for example, while I might be next door to Moscow, it takes 4 turns to feed that front, I can feed it with 5 tanks per turn to more than match Russia building 4 infantry per turn. This means sitting outside of moscow, after 4 turns, I'll get 5 tanks added compared to 4 infantry.

    The multiple fronts is where it gets interesting, if axis really need 4 turns sitting outside of Moscow, where is the pacific front? Would Japan have those 4 turns to be able to hold its supply lines and not fall before then?

    TripleA is really interesting as the supply lines are dynamic and can be adjusted down or up and shifted. Ultimately both players are trying to create an imbalance so they can advance along a front.

    Ultimately all victories are going to be supply lines victories. The question comes down to recognizing which supply lines are won and which ones matter more than the other.

    Going back to the question, certain maps have a certain period of time when the supply lines tend to play out and generally the outcomes become clear. Sometimes it's sheer persistence for one player to play out a front until the full tactical advantage has come about. Because battles are probabilistic, it's not guaranteed a single round advantage will hold. For example, allies might need 1 turn to get odds on Tokyo, and 3 to get decisive odds. Axis might need 2 turns to get odds on Moscow. If the battle of Tokyo goes bad, then the axis will get their 2 turns. If the battle goes well, then the Axis will not. In some games though the axis front will be matched & stalled, which means an imbalanced supply line in the pacific will lead to Tokyo falling, which then means the US can open a new front and would then completely imbalance the existing German supply lines causing a defeat there.

    TL:DR, the size of maps dictates the length of supply lines, maps tend to require a certain number of turns for supply lines to play out. Very even players will balance each others supply lines leading to late round games, uneven players will create a decisive win on one or more fronts while holding others, meaning they'll win the game once the supply line has minimally played out.

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  • RE: Join the TripleA TEAM!

    @Schulz the level of customization needed is going to be prevent an drop-in-replacements. The best examples is the existing code and learning what/where you'll need to modify.

    Being able to write code is just one skill, other skills important to development are:

    • being able to understand existing code
    • being able to map a codebase, being able to find and roughly understand where certain things are, what happens where
    • being able to map a feature and what needs to change
    • being able to incrementally build that feature and break up the work into increments rather than releasing all changes, all at once in a big bang
    • being able to write tests for code that you create
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  • RE: Aggression 1941

    Just at a glance, the allied conditions are much harder to achieve than the axis conditions.

    I actually saw the axis take roughly that much income several times in games that were still undecided. I could easily imagine the allies win in the first picture if something was going well (say the USA was beating Japan at sea).

    If the axis hold only Germany, Italy and Hungary. that doesn't sound like a tie, it's a pretty clear loss. I can see Germany technically holding in that situation (with it's plus 2 defense) but if I achieved a tie that way (so technically not a loss) it would feel pretty hollow.

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  • RE: RFC - In-Game Map Uploads

    First, thank you all for the engagement on this topic!

    To summarize where we are so far in this discussion:

    • github repositories is a beneficial storage solution that provides a lot of features that we would be unwise to rebuild in its entirety
    • automating the management of 'triplea_maps.yaml' is welcome
    • documentation effort is needed to make the upload process clear. We should create at least a thread, if not a category to provide help for uploading

    Follow-Up Topics to Discuss in other Threads

    A number of other topics were raised that could use discussion. I'm thinking to create a thread titled something like: "How should we improve the maps ecosystem" where we could discuss the many other aspects of maps and what could use improvement.

    Still under consideration: zip uploads that are automatically stored as repositories

    First, if we automate the generation of 'triplea_maps.yaml' by finding data that is stored in the repositories, we'll have taken care of a portion of the download side. Specifically the idea here is that 'triplea_maps.yaml' has a section for each map, essentially we move each section of that file to the respective map repository where the backend would be configured to find it. In this way the backend could effectively generate the 'triplea_maps.yaml' file.

    A really nice thing about the above is the backend wouldn't care how the map data gets into repository. After we get to that point, it could make sense to build an in-game uploader that takes a zip file and uploads it into a repository. There is enough complexity in doing that where I don't know if it would be worth it, so we'll need to play it by ear when and if we get there.

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