• RE: Power of Politics 1914 : A WWI scenario

    Oops... who could forget the weapon that started the whole thing!

    Kaisers final weapon.png

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  • RE: QA Team + TripleA Release Process

    @LaFayette Though I am constantly testing pre-releases, I have not updated the spreadsheet for some weeks now. The reason for this is the sometimes high frequency of updating pre-releases per day. I see me updating my pre-release version sometimes maybe three times a day to continue using the latest version and testing the latest pre-release.

    Sometimes the changes that lead to a new pre-release are not comprehensible to non-developers.
    Does that change affect gameplay? Is it "just" something in the background? Do I have to restart testing because PR xyz has been merged? Can I just move on just using the new pre-release?

    That is why I hestitate to permanently update the version that I am testing in the spreadsheet.

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  • RE: QA Team + TripleA Release Process

    Want to update this as it's been some time; The QA tracking spreadsheet seems dated at the moment because we've had an incompatible release for so long. When we are building compatible releases we can release minor versions pretty frequently. There needs to be a discussion on the release schedule and if there should be one.

    Beyond all that, the best way to help and be part of the QA team is simply to download a latest prerelease and find bugs in it. File bugs here: https://github.com/triplea-game/triplea/issues/new

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  • Need Icons: Toggle Flags and Highlight Movable Units Buttons

    Looking at the code, I noticed that the "L" key toggles flags for a short duration. We also have the "F" key to highlight movable units.

    Both of these are a bit "magic" as you either have to discover them or carefully read the game help.

    I'd like to put some buttons on the right hand movement panel to represent these actions.

    I'm thinking for flags rather than showing them briefly, the "L" key would toggle between, small flags, large flags, and no flags. Clicking the button would be the same as pressing the L key.

    I do not plan to change the "F" key, highlight movable behavior, beyond adding a button that can be clicked instead of pressing the key.

    @Hepps , @Cernel , or anyone that would like to add an icon, need two icons for the buttons that would do this. The flag icon probably should be a flag. The highlight icon is less obvious.

    40x40 is roughly the desired size, transparent background preferred.

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  • RE: Screen centering/cycling around map UI idea

    I really think the mechanics are a very cool concept... I care much less about the iconography... so if there is ever some consensus on what you need/want... just gimme me a nudge. I'm never that far away.

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  • RE: Donation Drive For 2020

    @Netorious I received your $8.00 donation and was pondering searching the user name and email info to answer. Ty for clarifying 🙂 Also Ty for donating! Sadly atm their is no way of directly sponsoring the developers. I have often wanted to push a few things as well 🙂

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  • RE: AA50: Anniversary edition

    @Black_Elk Your China looks way better than the original (this doesn't say much, as the original is hideous there), and it is also way more sensibly spaced for gameplay. Moscow beyond the Urals has always been one of my pet hates, but I've always rationalized it thinking that is not actually Moscow, but it is the Urals, that would also make sense since, productively, that was maybe the centre of the Russian production; I don't mind distortions for gameplay, but the fact is that also the relative connections are messed up, making Moscow closer to Archangel (or Novosibirsk!) than to Leningrad, and telling you that in order to move from Moscow to Leningrad you need either to go through Belorussia or Archangel, both being totally, and by far, not in between of Moscow and Leningrad. The other issue I have with the original drawing is that it makes look like the world is squeezed at the Equator, while it should be wider there (for example, Caucasus is given as closer to Indo-China than Manchuria).

    On your drawing, I think I've only 3 complaints:

    1. The drawing for the Panama canal is telling that you need both Panama and Northern South America to get through.
    2. You moved "Scapa Flow" away from the British battleship.
    3. You could have cut some more space for 7 Sea Zone, where a lot of stuff tend to pile up, overflowing all over France and beyond.
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  • RE: AA50: Anniversary edition

    @Black_Elk said in AA50: Anniversary edition:

    though all the connections are the same.

    Except for a bunch of neutrals. Did you do that on purpose, since it doesn't matter? Why?

    As for rules implementation, I think if there are any departures it probably would have to do with the fact that tripleA doesn't strictly enforce a separation between combat movement and non combat movement. (Basically you can move Non Com during combat if you want, and the game engine won't stop you.) This could present a couple situations that would need to be player enforced, but on the whole I think its up to spec.

    There are a lot of "departures", though nothing really major, even without considering general matters like this one.

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  • RE: AI Interesting Moves and Points of Improvement on Revised

    @redrum another test game attached: vs_ai.tsvg

    AI had some pretty good play. Eventually Japan blundered in round 5 effectively handing the game to allies. AI could have made some other good moves, notes below:

    Round 1: Germany allows 2 AA to be in Germany, it may as well move the AA to eastern europe or to Balkans

    Round 2: single tank attack at likely negative net PU. Could conquer West Russia with tank and then retreat

    Round 4: germany used 2 tanks to attack Karelia, bad trade-off as UK can take the units. Losing 10 PU for max likely trade of 8 PU (Germany kills one infantry (+3), territory capture (+2), and likely kills one infantry on defense (+3))

    Round 4: Germany non-combat, moves big tank stack without infantry cover

    Round 4: Japan leaves undefended AA gun in India

    Round 5: 2 tanks and bomber attack archangel, should probably be one tank

    Round 5: BLUNDER: Japan divides fleet and loses most of it to a 99% combat with +60 TUV expected for Americans.

    Round 8: 2 tanks taking siankang, excessive.

    Round 11: Germany retake of Western europe with 1 arty and 2 figs. Should use 2 infantry with figs.

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  • RE: Screen centering/cycling around map UI idea

    @Cernel Irrelevant curiosity, that military position is, instead, called "riposo", in Italian, that actually means "rest" or "sleep".

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