@beelee said in Lend-Lease (in singleplayer, not multiplayer games): The Americans actually went a little too heavy with their air forces. They had to take a bunch of higher quality ? smart type guys that were supposed to have safe jobs into the infantry in 44. It actually worked out well for them.Ambrose talks about it in "Citizen Soldier". I think the USA topped out around 9 million if I remember right. Soviets had like 47 million in their national guard. Forget what it was called. According to Ellis, the US ended the war with 11,877,000 military personnel and the USSR with 12,400,000, pretty close in numbers. Did the US overinvest in airpower? The ratio of Air Force to Army was only a little lower for the Germans. Airpower was and is extremely effective but is subject to diminishing returns. A&A underrates airpower.