@Cernel the edits you have suggested seem valuable, but currently maybe not helpful. New players reading the rule book are very unlikely to find them or willing to take the time to fully collate them back to the original text. I'm concerned that if too much time goes by, the text will itself have been changed, in which case the value of the work done will be greatly diminished, possibly redundant and effectively negated. I don't think it would take very long, probably about two sessions of 20 minutes to use the pencil icon to suggest these edits directly to the material. Failing to do that, if someone else does it, then we have some duplication of work, false attribution, and general inefficiency as the scribe then can't necessarily respond to any kind of feedback in an efficient way. As is with maps, code, large documents, the real challenge is often sticking with it and seeing it through. It probably would be best to not try to get every edit done all at once and then added in one location that is not the source material. That is trying to do it all, at once, by one person, in a location that is not the source material. If someone then else makes slightly different but similar edits, we'll have an example where our collective efforts were redundant instead of additive. Again, it does not take that long to click the pencil icon, make the edits directly; once you take the 10 minutes to learn the flow it'll be pretty apparently easy, does not require any tools other than a web browser, and we'll have added this investment of effort to the project in a permanent way that can further be built upon.