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  • @Frostion
    Thanks for the explanation.

    Items (Treasure)
    Here are a few suggestions that I value differently.
    Long-Range-Artillery 25PU Gives All Friendly Shots +1 Movement
    Horn-of-Cenarius       15PU Gives 5 Friendly Ranged Units +3 Targeted Power

    The replacement Ranged Weapons PU are too cheap, they have a Combat and XP component and should cost more than 25PU, but I think you have imposed a 25PU limit?
    As an example The Crystal Ball is 25PU and is +5XP
    The Magic Bow is 25PU and is +10XP and has a Target Power: 7

    So Ranged Weapons XP should be reduced. To rebalance these items they should generate a lot less XP.
    Suggest taking the current PU / 5 = new XP value.
    This on average would generate 1/2 of the current XP.

  • @Frostion

    Air Power
    The table below attempts to compare air power.

    Consider changing to the following;
    Hippogryph 25PU and 35Mana as its PU appears too cheap and its a transport 25 for being a flyer + 5 for each TC = 35mana

    Airship/Zeppelin as they are transport 25oil for being a flyer + 5 for each TC = 50oil

    Wind-Hexer is difficult to balance, 40PU (because of the 4Atk) and 25mana to match the other non-transport flyers.

    The Oil/mana cost as you have said is more subjective depending on the races forces and how many of that type you want.


    For now I have done reporting on "things" so I will await the next version.

  • @Frostion
    I cant help myself 😉 thinking more about Fortifications/Factories they are still too easy to take, perhaps in addition to their archers they should provide support to allied units, as they garrison it.
    Guard-Tower: Support on Defence: to 1 Allied Unit,
    Capital:                                            to 5 Allied Units
    or similar.

    Also noticed this
    Line 15736 I think should say            <option name="players" value="$AllPlayers$"/>
    as its missing
    There are many missing $AllPlayers$ lines, are they required?

  • Just wondering if there is anything downloadable for this yet. Thanks!

  • Moderators Admin

    @ff03k64 Find it ingame:


  • Totally missed that, thanks!

  • A couple of thoughts. Put the notifications in your game notes so that users can read them before we start a game.

    You have a notification about setting pause duration to 0. If I am reading that correctly, it is in the "Engine Preferences" on the "AI" tab?

    Couple of questions.
    Do i want to read this whole thread before playing the game?

    Do we still need to use the pre release version like it says? i am guessing that that particular note was from pre triplea 2.0?

  • @ff03k64

    No dont read the whole thread, enjoy the game first. If you are moved to post, read from post 230, Frostions update near the top of page 12, Im sure he would like your opinion.

    Yes download the latest test version 2 from here.
    [https://github.com/triplea-game/triplea/releases](link url)

    You probably want the Windows 64 bit version, near the bottom of the latest release, click on it to download it.

  • I am on version 0.1.4, TripleA version 2.1.2076

    My comments/questions so far. I am on turn 10.

    I think that there is some useful information that could go in the game notes, maybe some of it can go in an appendix at the end. Some as in my previous comment. But at least one new as well.
    The starting 'perks', for lack of better word, would be nice to see them all at once to compare them, instead of just tooltips.
    It seems like all 'resource elements' and 'creeps' are randomly located? Could mention that in the notes.
    hero progression would be nice to have in the notes, unless it is randomized.

    Jagged reef has a horde stronghold, which creates and maintains a footman. It seems that if that 'resource element' (i think that is what they are called in the notes) is captured by the alliance, what happens to the footman? it seems like they stay, but my brain makes me think they should go away.

    Unless i am not reading the map right, i can't tell how many hp a hero has.
    And how does a hero regenerate hp normally? only in an outpost, or can they regenerate slower outside outposts?

    Can you upgrade the 'creep' factories that you capture?

    How does xp collecting work? It obviously is collected by the hero when they are in fight. It looks like some can be collected in other fights too? It seems like if the hero isn't involved in a fight, there shouldn't be any xp generated.

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