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  • Hoping someone on here might be able to help with this error.
    Due to problems on Axis and Allies forums with posting TripleA game, myself and my opponent have tried to convert from PBF to PBEM the current game we were playing. I had previously asked if it was possible to do this and was told yes.
    Just to be certain there wouldn't be a problem, I sent a dummy/test round from the ongoing game via PBEM, making sure that I had entered all the relevant info for myself.
    The game saved and posted without any problems, other than a notice that the game couldn't post to A&A forums (which I expected).
    My opponent tried the same but received the attached error. The top line can be ignored as it is the same message I got when I emailed.
    I've no idea what it can be, so if anyone can help, it'd be much appreciated.
    Thanks. 🙂

    0_1542706060046_from Raimo.png

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    Please install the latest version of TripleA and you will be fine with posting to the forum again.
    Just see:


    Concerning email: Do you have an Outlook email-address?

  • @Panther Thanks for your reply. I noticed on the A&A forums that the TripleA version has been updated for the new forums, just as I was notified of your reply on here. I guess I should have looked on A&A first and I wouldn't have had to post! 😂
    Concerning your other question, yes I have an Outlook email address, which is what I use for the forum (he uses Hotmail). Generally I use Gmail for PBEM games. I am aware of past problems with using Hotmail/Outlook for PBEM but I hoped that they might have been resolved.

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    @scousemart The past Outlook/Hotmail PBEM issue you mentioned (https://github.com/triplea-game/triplea/issues/2595) doesn't appear to be related. Your opponent's issue looks like a simple authentication failure, whereas #2595 was due to a non-Outlook/Hotmail email being used as the From address.

    I'd ask your opponent to verify their own PBEM settings after they load the save game, especially the Login and Password
    fields. If those are correct, one other thing to ask your opponent is if they have two-factor authentication enabled on their Outlook/Hotmail account. If so, they'll probably have to generate what's typically known as an application password in order for TripleA to be able to send the email. We can research that further if it turns out 2FA is enabled.

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    @scousemart I just did a quick test with a throwaway Hotmail account and received the same authentication failure message as your opponent. This looks like a more general problem than just your opponent, so we'll have to research this further.

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    @scousemart Please disregard my previous message. I mistyped my password--twice. 😄 Once corrected, I was able to successfully post via Hotmail PBEM.

    So, please go back to my first message and ask your opponent to check their login credentials.

  • @ssoloff Thanks for getting back to me.
    I'll have my opponent check his logon credentials and I'll get back to you as soon as I hear from him. ☺

  • @ssoloff Hi, just to let you know, it's been sorted. Apparently it was 2FA and posting is ok. However, the A&A forums are up and running so we'll be back on there.
    Thanks for your help. 😄

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    @scousemart Thanks for confirming the resolution. It's unfortunate that Hotmail doesn't indicate 2FA is enabled in the failure message, as Gmail does. It would have saved some time for your game. 😄

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