Total World War: December 1941

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    @redrum @Hepps the problem most likely only affects the Allies, as they have the related landmasses:

    • China: an Allied invasion from the coast is almost impossible if both capitals have fallen if the Allies can't build any AFs in original chinese territories
    • Russia: same for Far Eastern Russia
    • UK: not that big problem
    • EA: if EA capital is occupied, problems might occur in Dutch East Indies, North and Central Africa
    • India

    Don't see the problems for Axis

    • Germany: if Berlin has fallen it's game over almost anyway. Italian/original allied territories (Eastern Poland/Lithuania) becoming italian/japanese are only 3 territories away. Switzerland being another possibility.
    • Italy: North Africa might be small problem
    • Japan: most likely game over anyway. Only territories affected Korea, Indo-China (both having possible infrastructure in adjacent territories) and the Islands (highly doubtful Italy and Germany will invade them)

    I get why nobody wants UK/US production facilities in Caucasus or Shanghai.
    A possible solution for the most problematic issue (China/Russia) without needing to change the xml and/or engine would be to make Shanghai and Kamchatka or some surrounding territories capitals. Or at least let them collect some income (maybe reduced percentage) even with capitals occupied. With an L&L territory somewhere on the coast of China you could start liberating China, too.

    Edit: might be a bit confusing, but I guess you got my point.

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    @wirkey I like The addition of another L&L territory for china as a solution.

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    @Hepps said in Total World War: December 1941

    @wirkey I like The addition of another L&L territory for china as a solution.

    adding another L&L territory alone won't solve the issue. China will get units, but can't buy anything.

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    @wirkey No I get that... but Shanghai as an alternate 3rd Capital... would certainly be within the realm of reason.

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    @Hepps can you make a capital a L&L territory? If not maybe Shanghai L&L and Beijing capital

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    @wirkey Exactly what I was just looking at.

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    @Hepps or just trigger a unit change. All allied heavy units (others than infantry) change ownership

    i'm in the lobby, if you want to discuss it further

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    trying to understand why these two units are showing different stats:

    Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 11.19.54 AM.png

    Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 11.18.58 AM.png

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    @ubernaut nm the Germans got the tech through shared tech previous round but didn't activate i guess until after their next turn even tho the badges were showing.

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    @wirkey @Hepps I like the idea of adding a third capital to Shanghai or Beijing. Could consider a L&L territory as well but not as important.

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    @redrum & @wirkey The more I think about this the more I like the idea.

    L&L in Shanghai and a 3rd capital in Peking.

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    @Hepps @redrum that might solve most of the problems, at least in China. But the problem remains in Far East Russia and whenever you take a territory which belongs to an allied with occupied capital(s). No idea how that can be solved, though.

  • Hey everyone, I'm new here.

    I was showing this truly awesome map to some friends of mine and suggesting we start a match of it.

    There is something, however, that is confusing me: the dice rolls for combat. It seems to me that units do not roll individually as in Axis and Allies but rather add to each other. As an example, it seems having enough infantry to go over the 12 threshold will guarantee a hit and whatever is left over will be rolled for; or attacking with two German subs will give you one roll at six rather than two at three. Can someone clarify this for me? Is this how it's supposed to be?


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    @Aidan Hi and welcome aboard.

    The game is set to default to Low Luck.

    If you want to play dice.... open a game... and select Map Options...

    Main screen.png

    Then in that pop up menu click on the check mark for Low Luck...


    Anything in that menu can be changed depending on how you prefer to play the game.

    Have fun and feel free to ask any questions you want.

  • @Hepps

    Ah, that's what it was. Thanks bunches for the quick clarification!

    Might I also ask, is the game designed more for low luck, or for dice?

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    @Aidan That's a tougher question. The game was originally designed as a Dice game... but over the course the vast majority of players prefer LL.

    I have played both ways and the game seems pretty balanced either way. Obviously with Dice there is way more variance, and since it can be challenging to find opponents to play using Dice it is also a challenge to determine just how balanced the game is playing that way. The biggest part of the equation is how all the "First Strike" units perform in dice since if you get lucky you can change the outcomes of battles pretty dramatically.

  • @Hepps Thanks for your help.

    I'm not sure which one I like better. I'll have to try it both ways.

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    The only other thing I have considered for the game beyond what has already been discussed is the idea of adding a second Capital to Italy in Northern Italy.

    This is mostly because it is historically accurate... as well as the Italians vulnerability to invasion when in truth a game could still be very viable to continue. (Unlike if Tokyo or Berlin were to fall)

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    @Aidan even if you prefer dice which i tend to once ive gotten more used to a map at least if im not playing against others, just to add some unpredictability, you should try low luck enough to get used to it because it really teaches the math of this game a lot better than dice does.

    i would maybe even suggest playing low luck on a simpler variation of the game before using it on TWW just because this map has a lot of bonus/penalty factors making it even harder to tell what's going on if you don't have all that in your head already.

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    noticed that if you land more than one allied plane (at least of one type) in eastern szechwan one unit converts the other cause an error which forces the unit to be sacrificed, not sure if that's a bug but it seems like one.

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