Revised Tournament of Champions (ToC 14) -- St. Nazaire Raiders !!

  • Hammond (Allies) defeats Agency10

    Agency took Axis with a g10 bid and went to work by taking his Germany med fleet to fight the UK battleship there. In some bad luck, Germany lost two planes in Rd 1. Down 2 planes, Germany made a gallant effort to keep the Allies from offering aid to Russia with a strong German navy in the Med. To make matters worse for the Allies' resupply efforts, Japan sailed its entire fleet through the Drake passage up into the Atlantic. USA fleet was caught in the middle, but was able to knock out the German Med fleet and still have enough keep the Japan fleet from taking advantage. During this time, Russia was able to swing back and forth to keep Japan and Germany away until the Allies finally got aid to Africa and Russia via Norway. It would have been a very different game in my opinion had Rd 1 worked out as Agency had planned. Very fun and interesting game! He's a good sport and pleasure to game with. hope you game up in the next tourney!

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    bayder (Allies) defeats ingcameroni (Axis +8) in Germany round 3 in a game played 1/2 pbem and 1/2 online. Germany went with a fleet strategy, putting the Allies in panic mode in the Atlantic. However, multiple failed battles due to bad luck, along with leaving France open to an Allied attack, doomed the Axis before the game really got going. Ingcameroni, as always, was a fun and gracious player, and sadly this one ended too quickly. Thanks for the game! -bayder

  • tulkas (axis +11!!!) over Hammond by surrender in R15. Hammond suffered classic 1st round bad luck with allies and Germany was able to secure Africa and Karelia after R1. From there axis sort of "leaned" on allies all game. Hammond could have stretched it out to 20 rounds but pending a bad axis mistake, axis was going to take Russia and keep Germany secure. Thanks for the game! - tulkas

  • panpal(axis+9) defeats Gonz ( allies)by surrender in UK10. Germany placed the bid in Africa and managed to hold Egypt till round 7 even though the allies sunk the med fleet early on. Allies managed to secure Karelia and UK started building their army there. Germany reinforced by Africa Income managed to put up a formidable defence allowing time for Japan to build its strength The game was quite balanced when a streak of unlucky rolls gave an advantage for axis. Thank for a fun and challenging game Gonz. gonz-uk10.tsvg

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    Eboy82 (Axis+9) defeats Tulkas by surrender in round 18. Germany took some risk in first round and lost battleship, but somehow managed to survive long enough for Japan to take first take Caucasus and some rounds later Russia. Game was almost lost for me, but some good dice here and there for Axis combined with unchallenged Japan made a comeback. Thanks for game Tulkas - you almost got me in the first few rounds, I got lucky. TOC_14_Eboy(Ax) vs Tulkas.tsvg

  • Blasherke defeats Oppositeof (Axis, +10) in a challenging 12 - rounder. The axis built a stronghold in Egypt, and succeeded in both taking control of Africa and combining the pacific with the Med - fleet. The allies reacted by an all-out attack on the southern belly of Europe, securing Southern Europe as a bridgehead by round 6. The Japanese attempt to counter the Allied buildup was running out of time and by round 12 the combined taskforce was finally ready to successfully invade Germany. Thanks Oppositeof for this very fine game!

  • Wasp (allies) defeats Comorv (Axis)

    GG wasp

  • Comorv (Axis) defeats Quartermaster (Allies)

    Part mail and part live, game was a lot of fun, thank you QM for a fun, entertaining and thoughtful game! GG!

    Hope we play again sometime soon. 🙂

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    bayder (Allies) defeats panpal (Axis +8) in round 8 of a pbem game. Allies sealed Africa and the Med early with some first round luck and sacrificing the UK bomber. Germany could never quite recover from the lost income. Japan harassed USA's coastline all game, but was not able to advance far into Asia. Germany became isolated, and Allies surrounded Berlin, making its fall inevitable when panpal surrendered. Panpal, as always, was a gracious, fun, and fast opponent. Thanks for the game!

  • TangoRomeo (Axis +7) won again ubernaut (Allies) in a mainly PBEM game with major battles played live. Steady pressure and gained territory along with little Allies pressure helped Axis gain the victory in 8 rounds. Fun game. My first full PBEM experience.


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    @TangoRomeo i believe your bid was 7 🙂 GG

  • @ubernaut yes, you are correct. I will make the change. Thanks.

  • I would love play Allies in 1940 Europe 2nd Triple A version 1.9 or 1940 Pacific 2nd ed. Any takers. Brent

  • @Comorv Would you mind posting your game?

  • @Wasp Can you attach the game file?

  • jmpsmsh defeats Deltium (Axis +8) after 11 rounds of PBEM. The Axis had a good start into the game: Germany took Egypt and against the odds managed to survive the UK counter which cost the UK its bomber. On the other side of the world Japan decided to leave the islands to themselves and put full pressure on Moscow instead. In the following rounds Germany built a lot of infantry to hold France until Round 4 and to ready a big pile to move eastwards. However, the Allies managed to take back Africa for the starving British and tumbled back into the game with favourable dice in a couple of micro-trades.
    With the help of Russian tanks the Suez could be sealed after Japan pushed a battleship and AC+2 fighter in to the Mediterranean.
    At round 5 the game reached its ciritical point and became double-edged. Russia and the UK were both weak and it seemed that Moscow would fall in a few rounds - while on the other hand the US fleet was about to deliver a heavy blow in the Med. Without the possibility to directly support Moscow and half of the Japanese fleet gone the US started to go for the Pacific.
    The Axis' clock was ticking! In round 9 Germany and Japan eventually attacked and invaded Russia's capital - but at what cost? In the end the UK succeeded in providing just enough defensive forces to Moscow so that Japan would not be able to withstand the US assault on Asia's coasts.

    It should be mentioned that Deltium could have claimed the win since I was not able to respond to the game's start in time. Yet he showed great sportsmanship and decided to play instead. Thank you for an interesting and well played game!

    toc14 deltium-jmp.tsvg

  • polarole(axis+11) defeats blasherke after 15 rounds of intense combat. allies surrendered after japs took moscow.
    it was a nice and friendly game and very close for a long time. allies got an early grip of the med and africa but axis where able to stack per early and stay there. allies did build really many fgts threatening all of europe but axis managed to get a jap stack into cau after sacrificing a big german stack in ukr and germans were able to keep the allies from landing in europe basicaly all game long. eventualy jap groundforces outnumbered the russian defense and went on to win.

    thanks for playing

  • Barca (Allies) defeats LouisXIVXIV (Axis +8) in a match that lasted 37 rounds and was a continuation of our ToC13 matchup. This was an epic game, a battle of David and Goliath, with the undefeated reigning ToC13 champion playing the axis.
    Allied play style centered on dominating Total Unit Value (TUV). IPC advantage was the top priority at all times. The allies received more IPCs per turn in every round. No pitched battles were fought, all confrontations were limited to small units trying to edge out positional advantages.
    Controlling Africa in the early and middle rounds was critical for the Allies. The allied plan was to use Africa as a spring board. There were three primary reasons for this,

    1. Controlling Africa early helps to ensure the IPC income advantage
    2. Allied troops in northern Africa forces Germany to keep defense troops in Europe, which in turn alleviates pressure on Russia.
    3. The end goal was the resource rich Asia mainland and pacific islands. The breakaway for the allies occurred in round 21 and ended in round 34 with the Americans taking all of Asia and the pacific islands. This was no simple accomplishment. Axis and Allied strength was nearly equal at the point of contact. An allied maneuver seized the initiative by creating multiple pressure points which included a direct attack on Japan itself (Round 28). Japan responded by diverting resources (infantry and fighters) to defend its homeland which weakened both its Army and Navy. At this point the Japanese military was left with two bad options; annihilation or retreat. Choosing the latter, America consumed nearly all of Japan’s territory uncontested in quick succession. The bi-product of an effective divide and conquer strategy. Henceforth, Japan was relegated to a minor power with little usable IPC income.
      While the Americans and Japanese were fighting it out in the Pacific, Germany was growing stronger and needed to be contained so they could not take Russia. To do this England was tasked with fighting Germany in all Dead Zones. This allowed Russia to preserve its manpower so that it could contest Germany in a counter attack. In addition, Germany was forced to control its Victory Cities (VCs), because with the Pacific lost the threat of the Allies taking 9 VCs (a winning condition) was real. This diverted much needed resources from the eastern front.
      The coup de grace came in round 37 with the Allies focusing all of their attention on Germany. With their fate sealed the Axis powers resigned.
      I want to thank LouisXIVXIV for being a good sport. He had the option to continue our game from ToC13 (starting in round 21, where the Allies probably had a slight lead) or start a new one. If winning was all the mattered he probably would have chosen to start a new game. Mutual respect and a love for the game prevailed. I wish him all the best in ToC14 and hope our paths meet again.


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    @Barca wow

  • LouisXIVXIV (Axis +8) defeats FrankTheTank in a quickly played pbem game of 12 rounds.

    This was an allied KJF-type game, with an eye toward a USA battleship strategy. Unfortunately for allies, Japan was able to maintain something of a stalemate, while Germany steadily became TUV overgrown with little opposition, as often happens in a KJ. Then it finally had too much for Russia to cork and the allies fell. The post-Russia endgame would have been fun to play as the defenders careened into Asia and USA got its battleships underway, but Axis captured 9vc, ending things prematurely. Next VC target would have been UK, so allied operations in the pac would have been under the gun... I should also add - Axis got lucky! Just seemed to have the dice going my way for the all important first 6 rounds.

    Good game FrankTheTank!

    FTT USA12.tsvg

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