Revised Tournament of Champions (ToC 14) -- St. Nazaire Raiders !!

  • @Deltium

    GeneralDudeU is confirming! Count me in, let's play! πŸ™‚

  • @Deltium please sign me up thank you

  • Please sign me up for this or share with me how to sign up for this tournament. tks

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    Thanks to everyone that expressed interest in this tournament.

    We did reach our cap of 32 players, and it has begun. I will certainly email everyone for the next one.

    For the confirmed participants, please check your inbox for your Round 1 pairing. Please initiate the bidding process ASAP.

    Cheers, Deltium

  • Hi Deltium, hi players,

    today i won with Allies my first round game vs GeneralDudeU. The bid was 9 and 3 inf were placed in Libya, Ukraine and Eastern Europe. In Round 3 there was the chance for UK to attack Berlin and in fact UK won with 1 arm and 2 fighters left. In the same round USA attacked West Europe and took with 1 arm 3 fighter left. Russia would have been able to attack Eastern Europe in R4 saving Berlin for the UK. But that did not happen bc Axis surrendered after USA3. Thanks for the game, GeneralDudeU, and good luck in the rest of your tournament.

    cheers, epi

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    are we allowed to put multiple bid units in the same territory i thought there was a limit of 1 unit per territory.

  • @ubernaut

    No it is not allowed. You can only bid one unit in a territory.


    "Bidding rules for Revised Edition
    β€’ Additional sea units may only be placed in sea zones where already units of the same power are present
    β€’ Only ONE unit per territory is allowed with the bid units
    β€’ Additional land units, naval units and industrial complexes can only be placed in areas belonging to the same nation as the to be placed unit, which means russian units in russian areas (red), english units in english areas (brown), american units in american areas (dark green), etc."

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    @Handsome thanks for the clarification that's what i was told recently. πŸ™‚

  • Today I won with Axis against jmpsmsh in our first round of St. Nazaire Raiders. After a first round of really bad dice, jmpsmsh was able to muster up courage and bravely win a great battle in what I thought was a stacked Western Europe in R3. Although this depleted much of German firepower there was another great attack by Russia on West Russia which left both sides depleted. However, due to a great Japan R1 dice, Japan was able to gain access to Caucus and even with US having access to the Mediterranean Japan came out on top. They defended Germany with a few fighters and produced enough ground power to be ready to take Russia in R9 when jmpsmsh threw in the towel after UK's final surge did not pan out.



  • Gonz (Axis+9) wins versus QuarterMaster (Allies). The bid went to Africa. Axis tried to maintain control of the Mediterranean Sea by purchasing an AC. The US turned towards Pacific Sea and was building heavy from Los Angeles for almost the rest of the game. In round 4 the German fleet was reduced by UK air and Allies was in control of Africa. Russia and UK were stacking Leningrad, which was leaving Caucasus, Persia and Kazakh open for combined Axis ground forces. Russia and UK had to leave Leningrad to defend Moscow. Japan was able to make progress in Asia and defend in Pacific Sea. Allies had no way to reinforce Moscow so in round 11 Moscow falls and Axis have 9 VC after US11.
    Thanks to QuarterMaster for a funny and fast played game.
    Best Gonz.

  • Ingcameroni (axis+8) won whit Patton77. UK very strong in Pacific Sea in the 1 round. Germany take Africa and build troops to attack Moscow. At the end... allies surrended before Moscow falled! Thanks to Patton77 for the game, very friendly player!

  • Wasp(allies) wins vs. Agency10(axis+8) Allies pressed africa hard and kicked the axis out early. By mid 2nd round it was all she wrote for rommel and his pals. Axis suffered some less than optimal dice and this let UK keep the germans off russia's back for most of the game. Meanwhile the americans used a pacific strategy to contain and eventually collapse japan. The axis were able to pull off a brilliant final move that more than likely would have taken moscow via the double tap! However...the U.S. was able to save the day by gaining the 9th VC at the end of the round. Thus canceling the attack on moscow πŸ˜‰ whew! gg agency10

  • May I join the tournament? Thanks

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    @Brennan too late for this one…

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    Eboy82 (Allies) wins versus Jesse-Boulard (Axis+8) by surrender in round 13. A bid placed in Africa and some surviving subs kept Allies away in early rounds. Instead UK focused on helping Russia from the north. Germany was right on track to break Russia through a well executed infantry+artillery purchases - later tanks. Germany was so strong on unit count, that allies in round 6shifted to a pacific campagn strongly enabled by an axis fleet located in the north Atlantic. US Fleet went through Suez Channel and quickly secured key pacific islands sealing the fate of Japan. UK and US supported Russia sufficiently to deny any axis attack. Thanks to Jesse-Boulard for a well played match and good luck in your next round !

  • Round 1 AdamF vs PaddyMaroon
    Allies (AdamF) hang on vs Axis+9 (Paddymaroon) in unusual, but hard fought battle. Axis, pressed hard and combined to have Japan take Moscow. Allies countered with pacific fleet build up and eventually Japan could no longer build units in her multiple factories.

  • Round 1 polarole allies wins vs dirty_tirpitz axis+9 in r13 after alliers took and held seu and weu and germans decreasing every turn while russia was still pretty safe for a long time. it was a nice and fast paced game
    thanks for playing

  • Round 1 match: tulkas (axis) over Mogwai (allies). Strange defensive dice in round 1 but japan was able to recover quickly and put pressure on Russia by round 5.

  • Roud 1 match: panpal(Axis +8) wins over Frank the tank( allies). Allies went pacific putting Japan under pressure. That enabled Germany to get Africa and build a fleet in Baltic that put Uk on the defensive. The US was making slow progress in the Pacific, while Germany started building ground forces that allowed it to get Moscow. Japan was able to defend itself while German was capturing the rest of Asia. I would like to thank Frank for an interesting game.triplea_Rus19.tsvg

  • Jmpsmsh (Axis+8) won against Patton77 after 6 rounds. Allies build factories in India and Sinkiang early on, putting pressure on Japan. However, the dice favoured the Axis and Germany could build a ton of ground forces to push the Russians back to Caucasus/Moscow. Meanwhile Japan eliminated the UK and Russian forces in East Asia. In Round 6 Germany took Caucasus with way too many tanks making Moscow's capture in R7 inevitable.

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