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    All moderators are volunteers here. We will try to deal with the problem as quickly as possible. Please keep your issues concise and to the pt with screenshots if needed.

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  • I am not sure what happened or why I was banned. I have been playing on TripleA for years and have had no issues. I play with a buddy of mine and I don't engage in chatting very often and when I do it is exclusively about game play0_1505800141101_20170919_003430.jpeg . I don't curse or anything and now I am getting an notification that I am banned for a year without any explanation or way to contact anyone. Please get in touch with me regarding this ban so I can at least see what I did wrong. Thanks.


  • Hi, posting here because I have been perma-banned without ever receiving a warning or a day-ban. Thanks

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    @goreg I think we have dealt with it glhf also @FailedEagle

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