Been banned? Complaint or problem? Post here

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    To kick a dead-horse, this thread is not about the moderators, it is about you. If there is more context behind actions and you want to give more of a story, that is fine. If a person engages here in trolling moderators because they want to appeal a 15 minute ban or having been asked to resolve a situation, then it only makes the hole deeper. We cannot let this type of thing go unnoticed and are extending a new ban to those that do.

  • As I was in the bot when some of the chat happened, allow me to say thank you for coming to the bot and talk about it.

    Thank you to riverrat, LaFayette and Silverbullet.

    I really enjoy playing here at triplleA, but have to admit I sometimes think theres too much chat in the lobby, that really dont belong there....
    (I think Silverbullet will agree to that! 🐵 )

    I hope the case can be considered closed.

    And I will enjoy playing with riverrat, maniac and other good guys here, and say thank you to the MODS for doing the hard work to make it possible.

    My first post here, I just signed up today. (and sorry for a bit long reply, which was maybe also a bit out of the real topics here, but hope you are ok with it.


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    @riverrat I am deleting that post River. I don't believe we need that kind of attitude stated about another person in TripleA especially a mod and developer. Please keep your comments limited to what the thread pertains to when I created and opened it while building the site.

    "All moderators are volunteers here. We will try to deal with the problem as quickly as possible. Please keep your issues concise and focused on your actions"

  • 3400 days You get less for murder haha

    @prastle said in Been banned? Complaint or problem? Post here:


    well i would guess that means your one of the few banned for a really long time

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    What's the ban ID that it displays to you @DanLeeDR01 ?

  • @prastle since your well aware of everything i would like to post this here and see if anyone can translate for me and explain why someone that was so adament i stay out of bots he is in for 2nd day in row comes and sits in bots i am in.

    maniac has joined
    maniac (1) has joined
    maniac (1) has left
    maniac: du Utz Atzenbirne, Aternenpfahl voraus!
    maniac has left

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    @riverrat It is being discussed and as far as I know it was ruled that you 2 are supposed to avoid each other.

  • @prastle what did the message he left translate to English as?

  • It reads german sounding but with some nonsense words thrown in.

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    @all, maniacs chat is german, he is insulting the player/person that was meant.

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    Translation: You jerk/idiot!

  • @epinikion out of curiosity was there any consequences for this action?

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    @riverrat Yes. Though, the exact consequences for any rule violation is the business of the player and the moderation team and not the general public.

  • @mods First of all it was maniac that insisted i stay out of bots that he is in or playing game in.
    second here is his latest entry into bot i am playing in.

    maniac has joined
    Brut1980: hi
    maniac: hi
    maniac: may I watch Brut play please? I will not comment on anything
    riverrat: nope
    Brut1980: lol
    maniac: thank you too
    maniac has left

    whatever his consequences was for calling me Jerk/Idiot. It obviously didn't deter him from continuing to do exactly what we were told not to do.

    As in beginning i tried to explain how he always instigated things then tried to play the victim.

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    This post is deleted!

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    @riverrat We'll look into it. Please inform moderators in the lobby when this happens and they will handle it internally. Please do not post further on this thread about the actions of others.

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    @LaFayette i asked riverrat to post what happened when maniac entered his room and didnt exit instantly as was the agreement, instead maniac actually typed in riverats room which is double crossing the line.

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    @SilverBullet Agree.

    With regards to how to handle these situations, we, the moderators of TripleA have an internal way to deal with player actions and have tools available beyond what is available to players. We do not need players to post complaints about other players here. They should report those problems to moderators and then moderators should escalate those problems internally.

    This thread is for complaining about how players have been handled by moderators, not for any general community complaint and not for player-to-player complaints.

  • @LaFayette I am totally confused.

    you threaten to ban me completely from playing at triplea if i don't tell you "I will avoid maniac and not go into his bots he is playing in"

    I have adhered to that but on other hand. Maniac has blatantly disregarded that ruling by the mods to stay away from each other. Even going so far as to enter room and call me names.

    Now you are basically telling me don't post here about anything that is done against what was ruled.

    Please tell me where to post what happens. For i was told to by you as well to copy and paste chat log and it will be dealt with.

    With that said i feel that this seems to be just a 1 sided ruling.

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    @riverrat i see riverrats point, maybe i should have given maniac a dayban for commenting in riverrats game, after all, that was the agreement. it doesnt matter how civil he was in asking to stay and watch, he should not have typed anything and just left the bot.

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