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    @daymar Moved this post to this topic. Thanks for reporting. Mods coverage is what it is, also since we lost a couple.

  • Dear friends,dear mods, especialy mentioned mod cernel and mod prastle.

    The master_blaster says thanks for all your support and friendship for all the years.
    Also a special "thanks" to mod epinikion.
    The mb never wanted to insult anybody here.Racism or religious insulting was never the aim of the mb.
    The mb always wanted to support this great website, for his most beloved game in his life.(oranizing tournaments and the ladder leage..for exsample)
    For me...the master-blaster, a studied historian,it is to hard to handle with the accusation/reproval epinikion banned mb 1 month for.
    I think , all mods have been able to to see(cernel and prastle have seen it)...that some guy used my nick, exchanging an l for an I, that the things

    have been said under my nick, havent been posted by the well known mb.
    For is a shame and its although rediculous,that the victom of trolling/ghosting by using my nick,by a guy from the usa(i am from Hamburg

    germany),ends with a ban by mod epinikion, for 1 month.
    When i wrote at the lobby...please luis...dont post under my nick, he posted while i was gaming a good old buddy from italy...anti-jewish things.
    When the mb used the word ...THEY banned me!!! cause of your words luis/commandante...alias......the mb doesnt mean "the jews", he...the mb talked,

    about the mods...which banned the mb for the words that have been typed , by the trolling ghost ...under his nick for 2 weeks at that time.
    Often the mb has been muted...and the mods were right!...the rulz politics here ...and the mutes had been ok.
    The problem is, that this guy...which is using my still posting and gaming under mb nick (and other nicks)...and the victim of all this shit is

    banned by mod epinikion for 1 month.

    I summarize, that the victom has been banned...and the troll/ghost can play on.

    Thanks for that.

    The result of this lag of supporting the master_blaster,is, that the mb has to retire.

    The mb will return after his unfair ban for 2-3 inform his bros ,buddies and friends, that he cant play on under his nick...cause of the lag

    of support and cause of the mobbing by the mod epinikion.

    with tears in his eyes...

    yours Master_Blaster

  • @master_blaster

    for what matters, I believe in MB. He is crazy but he is one of the souls of this game and I think he should be unbanned

  • I was banned for using presidents names, mostly from the 1800's, I didn't know it was frowned upon. If you could check out my situation I would appreciate it.

  • I was critical of someone for quitting a game he was playing with me and refusing to continue it. That was when champ told that person to mute me. Then about a minute later I was muted so I couldn't post in the lobby. As protest I logged in and out of the lobby 5 or 6 times because I did not understand why I had been muted. It was unfair to mute me for being critical of another player. After logging in for the 6th time I was then unable to login because this mod banned me from the lobby. This is an abuse of power.

    At no point was I warned to stop. At no point was I asked what other person did or said to me to prompt what I was saying. Just because someone does not like me should not give them the right to ban me from the forum, preventing me from playing or even joining the forum to watch others. This is very upsetting and I do not think I have been treated fairly at all.

  • I was banned after logging in and out of the triplea forum 5 or 6 times. I logged in and out 5 or 6 times to protest being muted. I was muted for being critical of another player for quitting his game with me. I believe champ is the one who banned me. I do not understand why I have been banned, it's unfair and it should be rectified asap.

  • Just to be clear, I have been muted in the past a couple of times for talking politics. I can understand those temporary mutes since A) they usually lasted about 10 mins or 20 mins and 😎 I was warned to not talk about politics but forgot and did do so and deserved to be muted.

    I understand a couple of people may not like me but not liking someone is not a reason to ban them from the lobby for a full day. I do not have to work today and I was looking forward to spending the day continuing a couple of games with a couple people and/or starting a new one. But I have been banned for no good reason and it's completely unfair. No warning, no heads up, no anything - just muted and then banned for being critical of another player and then logging in and out 5 or 6 times. This is an outrageous violation of the trust we place in the mods. This is an unfair abuse of power.

    Again, mutes are fine from time to time if I am actually doing something I should not do like talking about politics. But if I am just being critical of a quitter I don't see how that should result in a mute. And logging in and out of the forum 5 or 6 times should not lead a mod to BAN that person. It's so unfair.

  • @Betar
    No sure how/why the sunglasses face was in the above post - apologies that was a mistype

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    @Betar Your ban has been lifted at this time.

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    @Betar Please post here again if you are still having issues logging in.

    My computer wizarding skills are not what they should be... so I sometimes struggle to do these thing competently.

  • @Hepps Thank you Hepps. Really appreciate it. yes I am able to login, thank you again!

  • It appears I am still unable to speak in the forum. Before I was banned I was muted and I am still muted. Can someone please unmute me? I was muted about 10 mins before I was banned this morning (around 7 hours ago). A couple people have been trying to contact me in the chat asking if I want to continue our save but I cant reply because I have been muted. Can someone please unmute me?

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    @Betar There is no un mute

  • It appears I am still unable to speak in the lobby*. Before I was banned I was muted and I am still muted. Can someone please unmute me? I was muted about 10 mins before I was banned this morning (around 7 hours ago). A couple people have been trying to contact me in the chat asking if I want to continue our save but I cant reply because I have been muted. Can someone please unmute me?

  • @prastle what do you mean there is no unmute? I have been muted once or twice before for talking politics (which was reasonable mute) but those times was temporary lasting like 10 or 20 minutes. This has been lasting for about 7 hours so far and counting. And I didn't do anything to deserve it.

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    @Betar correct
    thus this has been set for a longer time …

  • Ok so for the record:

    1. I do not know why I was muted.
    2. I do not know who muted me (I am pretty sure it is champ74 but not 100% sure because neither he nor anyone else has confirmed the identity of who muted me).
    3. I do not know for how long I have been muted.
    4. I am unable to defend myself.
    5. I do not know what I did that caused me to be muted, although it happened suspiciously after I criticized someone for quitting a game I had been playing with him.

    Ive played a ton of games online in my life. Never have I ever experienced or witnessed anything like this before. I'm not sure that it's a constructive way to teach people how to behave. And I'm also not sure it's a good way to facilitate a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

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    @Betar for the record we don't know either

  • @prastle Thank you at least for responding to me on this thread so I have some kind of communication. You show more concern than other people.

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    @Betar pm me I will try something in private chat

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