How to post a match?

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    Hi Guys,

    The Revised ladder is off and running! We got a lot of players on the ladder now. Congrats everyone!

    Now, for each match, please post a "New Topic" preferably with the name of those in the match. It makes it easy to keep up with all the matches when we audit if needed and promotes discussion about the individual games when desired. Each game has its own topic with the player names in it. One player should post a New Topic with the names and the challenge and the other player should reply to that post accepting the ladder challenge.

    Were OFF! Good luck to everyone on the new Revised Ladder!

    ** A Special note to Prastle! Thanks for all your hard work to set all this up and make ladder play possible again. If you see him around guys, thank him. HE did ALL of this.

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    To post the end results of the match, the LOSING player should log onto the actual ladder site at and click the Standings tab and "Report Loss" The players names must be typed exactly for it to accept the match result and automatically update the ladder ratings.

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