Revised Tournament of Champions (ToC 15) "Arctic Convoy"

  • Pannpall (axis +8) defeats Bayder (allies). Axis place the bid in Africa and got Egypt with 5 units surviving. Japan chose to skip attacking the US fleet in favour of attacking Bury. The US redeployed all the ship in the Atlantic and start building a couple of trannies every turn. The US troops laned n Africa and the allied ships and planes quickly sun the German fleets. Japan built also a lot of transports to get the pacific islands and quickly transfer troops to defend Egypt. In round 10 the US had amassed enough troops to force the axis to evacuate Egypt, by this time though Germany has become too strong and moved to West Russia, while Japan moved to Persia. Russian's killed the Japanese army there but that weakened Russia defences and a few rounds later, after a miscalculation by the allies Russia defences were too thin and the allies decided to abandon Moscow, Bayder could prolong the fight for many turns as the allies were still strong, but instead, he chose an honourable surrender. I would like to thank Bayder for a very interesting game which some times felt like chess. We are currently playing the second game of the finals.

  • Panpal (allies)) defeats Bayder(axis +8) by honourable surrender in round 4. Unfortunately, it was just one-sided dice for the allies. For what happened in detail look at the file attached


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    Congrats to panpal on a well-deserved win! Welcome panpal to the club of ToC Champions, you have been a top player for many years, and you earned this. Looking forward to more good games in the future! -bayder

  • Thank you so much Bayder for your kind words. I learnt a lot from our previous games and with much-needed favourable dice, I manage to enter the club of ToC Champions.

  • Congrats!

  • Congratulations pannpal! Also to byder as a finalist, Well done!

  • Congrats. I lost to the Champion. That sounds great to me 😉

  • Thank you @bayder and @prastle for officiating and also @valter for the kind contribution of the prize $$$.

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