Help - Playing Classic map as Axis against FastAI

  • So I played triplea years ago and just came back. Playing Classic map now.

    I won as the allies against the FastAI, but can't for the life of me win as the Axis.

    I tried everything, just spawning infantry as Germany, building factories in Asia as Japan, I can't do it. The Americans and Brits just land too many troops/planes/etc for the Japanese to handle.

    Help!!!! Anyone share their strategy? Do you need to win in a certain number of rounds or its over?

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    @ptt196 handicapping one way or the other is good way to learn new things. 🙂

  • I tried your challenge and won in 5 turns as the Axis. Here is the game. Axis Victory.tsvg

    Important points to winning are

    1. Sink both British Battleships on turn 1 as well as the US fleet in Hawaii. This gives you breathing room in Europe and superiority in the Pacific.
    2. Germans need to build mostly infantry but some tanks. Hold Eastern Europe on turn 1 by landing your planes as well as reinforcing with every other available unit.
    3. Don't forget Africa. Committing 1 plane should allow you to conquer Africa and hold if a few turns. This income is important.
    4. Japan needs to build factories and tanks. Attack in Asia without regard for counterattacks.
    5. Build a third transport for Japan on turn 1. Make sure to hit every target of opportunity.
    6. You don't need to take Russia to win. Economic victory will be achieved earlier.
    7. Move the AA gun out of France and defend it by counterattacking with air support.

    Normally, I would take only 1 country, for more of a challenge.

  • I did actually end up winning after I posted. I believe in total victory, not just economic. So I had to take Russia.

    I think the key was to take it within 10 turns. Otherwise you're screwed. Germany has to do a suicide attack, and Japan will end up taking it.

    Now I have a NEW problem - I can't win as the Allies in WWII Revised !!!

  • @ptt196 In the Revised game, it is best for Allies to focus on Japan. Factories in India & Sinkiang, the British join together their fleets in the East, the Russians attack Manchuria, the Americans build up on the West Coast. The Japanese have 5 different problems to deal with and the resources to handle 2 of them.Once the Japanese fleet is defeated or China liberated, it is hard for them to recover the initiative so the Allies can focus on Germany.

  • Factories in India & Sinkiang were rolled by German armor by turn 5. They bypassed Russia and stormed in. Built as many armies as possible but it was no use.

    Sounded good but once the Germans got there it was over.😞

  • @ptt196
    sue for peace then rearm and sneak attack in 20 years

  • @ptt196 2020-4-12-World-War-II-Revised.tsvg Allied victory in 9 turns. The Russians need to hold the Caucasus.

  • @RogerCooper Wouldn't work. Wrong version or something. Thanks for trying though.

    Anyway I'll try holding the Caucasus - but I find it almost impossible to hold that AND Russia.

  • Dang. Lasted until turn 30 or so then Russia fell.

    US and UK were pumping troops onto the continent and had isolated Japan and destroyed their navy. Africa was safe and the Pacific was in allied hands.

    But then the Japanese started producing fighters en masse in Japan and wiped out my transport fleet up north. A couple turns without reinforcements from the US was too much and the Germans took out my Asian factories. Game over at that point.


  • Finally. Did it.

    Key was to wipe out the Japanese fleet. Then start a supply chain through the South Pacific - to avoid their air attacks from Japan.
    At the same time, the British built a factory in S.Africa - constantly spawning units to keep the continent. With the pacific secure, it was constant Norway invasions and re-supply. Forcing the Germans to deal with it.
    The Russians? Just survive. Nothing but infantry. Flying in constant fighters from the UK and US almost every turn helped secure it (couple dicey turns but they never attacked). Lost the Caucasus. US reinforcements from Asia arrived just in time. Another 2-3 turns and I was probably toast.

    Now to play the Axis - I can't imagine how hard this will be....

  • @ptt196 In revised, it is usually better to invade into Western Europe. The Germans will retake every turn but the Germans will ending up sending little against Russia, allowing the Russians to gain the initiative after a few turns.

  • @RogerCooper True.

    Just won as the Axis. Pretty easy actually. Just survive as Germany for a half dozen rounds and build up a suicide force to weaken Russia.
    At which point the Japanese should have a sizeable force built up to end it. Roll the US/UK off the continent and outbuild them. Easy peasy.


    Playing as the Allies is even HARDER here. Because of that extra turn that Italy gets - they cause all kinds of problems in Europe and allow the Germans to more easily build up a force to take Russia. Even without Japan's help.

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    @ptt196 Pact of Steel is very rarely played since many years, but, back when TripleA had only Classic and Revised, or almost so, it was a consistently play tested map, thus I believe it is well balanced. If so, Allies have to have it harder than in Revised, since Revised is a little unbalanced in favour of Allies, actually (it is usually played with a small bid for Axis).

  • I would not say it is well balanced at all.

    I won the first time I played as the Axis, and fairly easily. Build a strong fleet as the Japanese and the US leaves you alone to roll over the continent. Germany/Italy simply have to survive.

    It's even harder than revised playing as the Allies, which was hard enough to begin with.

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    @ptt196 Pact of Steel has been played a lot in the far away past and it is a custom TripleA map (thus meant to be balanced, unless otherwise stated). You can trust it being next to perfectly balanced. Not talking personally, as I'm not a player of it.

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