Air Combat question - Global 1940 Second Edition

  • Hello All, newcomer to forum, been playing Axis&Allies for several years though.

    The game rules are implemented differently from my printed rules on the attack value of aircraft during bombing raids.

    I did a search of bugs, and did find this.....

    In this bug report....
    is the following ...
    *"The optional interception rule in v5 (aka 42.2) is that fighters and bombers attack on a one, the defending interceptors are removed and remaining interceptors roll on a two.

    Not the smartest rule out of the tools in the toolshed but those are the official rules. This is not possible to implement in Triplea-A at present. I propose an option in the UnitAttachment for the fighter to allow surprise strike in the air battle, similar to subs. The alternative would be a map property which has the advantage it can be made editable."*

    I am assuming that v5 (aka 42.2) means 1942 second edition, but I'm playing the 1940 Global map, 2nd edition. Apparently this has been addressed somewhat, as my game - version - does air combat slightly differently. Both defending AND attacking fighters roll on two.

    However, according to my paper rules from "Axis&Allies Rulebook Europe 1940 Second Edition", from page 17 under Strategic and Tactical Bombing Raids, it says...

    • The attacking bombers and fighter escorts and the defending fighter interceptors will be the only units participating the this special combat.
    • The combat lasts for only one round
    • All of the air units have attack and defense values of 1

    I've combed though the Global Rules section beginning on page 33 and don't see anything that would change the above.

    So whence comes fighters have attack values of 2 during the Air Combat phase of a bombing attack?? Is this a bug in the 1940 global map or have the "official" rules changes since I purchased the box games a few years ago? (probably around 2015/2016)

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    @R8964234 Welcome to the forum!
    Not only your TripleA version is outdated, but your map files most likely are, too.
    I recommend that you install the latest stable and the latest map version and retry. It should be fine, then.
    They roll on 'one', there in the Global 2nd edition version.
    Good luck 🙂

  • Ah, did updates to both the engine and map and now it plays per the printed rules (at least in regards to the scenario I posted about). I was just confused by the statement in the bug report that fighters had an attack value of 2 "...those are the official rules...". but I see that must have been incorrect or not relevant to 1940G2.

    Thanks for the quick reply and stay healthy during the pandemic! AAA is a great way to stay connected but safe.

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    @R8964234 Indeed the rules in 1942 SE are different.
    Stay safe, too. 🙂

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