Objectives Panel WORKING but one of the objectives/triggers not appearing

  • Thanks to Cernel's help, i got the Objectives Panel working (the problem was an added line break).

    But now i have another issue: One of the new triggers is not appearing. i n the panel, though there are no errors upon launch. It just doesn't appear. I'm trying to add an objective for Germany's Atlantic Wall. HERE is the relevant portion of the objectives.properties file. . .


    WW2_Path_to_Victory.Germans;objectiveAttachment_Germans_1_Trade_with_Russia=<b>5 PUs</b> if not yet at war with Russia.
    WW2_Path_to_Victory.Germans;objectiveAttachment_Germans_2_Control_Stalingrad_Or_Leningrad_Or_Russia=<b>5 PUs</b> for each German controlled territory: Leningrad or Stalingrad or Russia.
    WW2_Path_to_Victory.Germans;objectiveAttachment_Germans_3_Control_Caucasus=<b>5 PUs</b> if Axis controls the Caucasus.
    WW2_Path_to_Victory.Germans;triggerAttachment_Germans_4_Presence_In_Egypt=<b>5 PUs</b> if there is at least one German land unit in either Egypt or United Kingdom.
    WW2_Path_to_Victory.Germans;triggerAttachment_Germans_5_Swedish_Iron_Ore=<b>5 PUs</b> if Germany controls both Denmark and Norway and Sweden is not allied-controlled or pro-allied.
    WW2_Total_Victory.Germans.triggerAttachment_Germans_7_Atlantic_Wall=<b>3 PUs</b> if Normandy and Holland Belgium are both Axis controlled at the beginning of Germany's turn and each garrisoned with at least one land unit at the end of Germany's turn.
    WW2_Path_to_Victory.Germans;objectiveAttachment_Germans_6_Control_Iraq_Or_Persia_Or_Northwest_Persia=<b>2 PUs</b> for each German controlled territory: Iraq or Persia or Northwest Persia.
    WW2_Path_to_Victory.Germans;objectiveAttachment_Germans_7_Control_of_Balkans=<b>2 PUs</b> if Romania, Yugoslavia, Albania, Bulgaria, Greece and Crete are Axis or Pro-Axis controlled.

    Thoughts on what could be wrong?

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    @Joe-G said in Objectives Panel WORKING but one of the objectives/triggers not appearing:


    I think the peroid after Germans needs to be a semi colon

  • Yah. that was it. And another typo. thanks man

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