• Hej belee ( and wc sumption ) thnxs a lot for your efforts.... That looks very hopeful..... I am busy myself today but can't wait to implement it tomorrow... great !

  • @wc_sumpton right on Thanks. I'll take another crack at it. I might as well add it as a house rule now, unless copyright shuts the mod down : ).

    I couldn't get the image to show up though. I made a territory effects folder and put it in map. The effect would show up when on Territory and worked correctly but no image.

    Well one thing at a time. Try and get it working first.

  • @beelee
    The folder should be called 'territoryEffects'. The image will not show up on the map, but in the status bar that gives quick information about the territory.


  • @wc_sumpton yea that's what I have. I'm thinking a unit for an all allied player that doesn't do much except place and remove the image and the territory effects doing the rest will be the way to go.

    Anyway back to working on my previous problem currently, which I was over confident in solving πŸ™‚

    Thanks for your help as always πŸ™‚

  • Hej there, it works fine but: It seems to reset / wipe out other effects in same territory: so if a territory has both mountain and winter effect is reset it results in no effect , and after reset only winter effect... not the combination... so it seems hmmm.......

  • WINTER EFFECT : SO: IT WORKS: but to avoid the -reset- clearing the other territory effect the Clear winter trigger need to recall the other Effects: like:
    <option name="territoryProperty" value="territoryEffect" count="-reset-Mountain:Forest:Marshes:etc etc"/>

    then it works fine! really great thank you so much for helping out !!!!! There is a seasonal winter as winter should be !!!!! Allthough the Axis might not appreciate it πŸ˜‰ anyway: a real key factor in ww2 warfare... forgive me the amount of cumunication on the forum.. but it lead to something

  • @ebbe πŸ‘

    I am very glad to hear that you figured out '-reset-' and understand that after using it the other territoryEffect's would need to be set again.


  • @wc_sumpton LAST WINTER EFFECT small correction:
    the reset of territories needs to be done for each specific Effect and its territory:
    so if a terr. had Forest Effect and another had Mountain , after -reset- for Winter effect, they need to be reset seperately in their given territories....
    amen..... . enough about snow .... time to move on.... πŸ˜‰

  • Okej.... fixing final minor things & some graphical stuff....


    likely to share project around 15 dec.
    testers, ballancers, improvers & fine tuners welcome! πŸ˜‰

  • @ebbe Sweet ! Throw it up on git under experimental as soon as it's playable. I'd like to check it out. Sure others do as well.

  • @ebbe really Beautiful! What Kind of files do you have? Where are these downloadable? Cheers!

  • @MirkoBruner I work on now and share them around 15th dec. Then it is basic still and needs more adjustment, good testing and ideas....

  • Okej: anyone more suggestions for special units?
    heavyBomber.png jetFighter.png
    jetFighter.png heavyHouwitzer.png jetFighter.png armouredTrain.png katyushaArtillery.png armourT34.png

    I like to flavour the game with each player having some exclusive special units:

    right now I have: ( AA meaning: a pre strike before actual battle round )

    -Heavy Houwitzer ( Karl GerΓ„t/Morser) : strong AA versus Entrenchment & fortifications
    -Jet Fighter: ME-262 Schwalbe: advanced fighter : good AA versus Bombers
    -Type XXI Submarine: advanced Submarine.... harder to beat by destroyers
    ( Flaktower: I am considering a Flaktower: fortified 3 hits AA gun: allthough only 3 were build , they seem fun for me to have )
    Working on V1-V2 rockets....

    -Forgive me , but I cannot come up with something
    except the notorious human-manned torpedoes and diving teams ...

    -Heavy battleship: Yamamoto: extra powerful.....
    -Kamikaze planes.... AA attack on ships.... cannot be bought: limited & given
    when Japan is under pressure
    -Infantry +1 defense in jungle and mountains to resemble their persistence....

    -Armoured train: like artillery but then with huge 5 movement, may transport 1 infantry too
    -Katyusha rocket launchers: strong AA barrage against infantry
    -T34: cheaper massproduced / no movement penalty & better battle performance in Winter setting....

    -Heavy Bomber: Flying fortess/B-17 : extra powerful bomber
    -TLS/Landing ships: transporter witch 1 extra loading capacity & a 2 bombard ability at amphibious landing.
    -P-38 Lightning: Fighter with +1 range....

    • Jetfighter: late arriving (after Germans and British ) but still: Lockheed P-80 Shooting Star

    -Advanced destroyer: stronger AA-antisub depthbombs roll
    -Jet Fighter: Gloster Meteor

    ANZAC: I was thinking of some sturdy Jungle/desert unit
    CANADA: ?

    -All Players have the ability to develop Heavy Armour
    -I am working on partisans to incidentelly pop up in empty behind-the -front areas....

    Any more ideas of essential special units?

    I like to keep the total number of units limited to keep placement in order...
    but some players could have an extra option...

  • Italians can have L3/35 tankette.

  • @Schulz said in TOTAL GLOBAL WORLD WAR II- fusion & clean-up PROJECT:

    L3/35 tankette.

    Haha, that is indeed a game changer: okej.. in: armourLight.png

    What is this, a tank for ants? <BR>
    British trooper getting friendly with an abandoned L3/35 tankette ?

  • Germans: Super-Heavy represented by King Tiger (Tiger II), would be even more powerful than Heavy Armor

    ANZAC, UK, Canada: Commando, an elite Infantry unit which gets terrain bonuses and a bonus on original territory

    USA: Lend-Leased units, which are built by the USA but placed by the Allied power the lend-lease is being sent to. Is otherwise the same stats as a normal unit, but has the appearance of an American unit (A UK Lend Lease Medium Armour would look like a Sherman but would be the UK colour)

    Italy, Japan, some neutral nations: Tankette, a worse version of Light Armor which is slightly cheaper
    (A better CV-33 image, casually stolen from Iron War)

  • Moderators

    @ebbe said in TOTAL GLOBAL WORLD WAR II- fusion & clean-up PROJECT:

    Okej: anyone more suggestions for special units?

    If you are looking for some ideas for special units... I had come up with a bunch for my Global Dominance project...

    As an example...


    The reason I posted this example is simply because you said you were having trouble with an idea for an Italian special unit...

    The Alpini were considered some of the most elite units of the Italian army.

  • @Hepps: Mountain bonus for Italians/ Alpini.. good idea... hej your units especially the sniper, sas & alpini look really really good ... I know by now it can be difficult to get such clear and smooth result in this small 48x48 pixels ! you make them yourself? you have my interest on Global Dominance... Total War was allready impressive... ( ps: Guerilla instead of Geurilla I suppose; coming from the Spanish: Guerra = war / Guerilla : little war πŸ˜‰ )

    @joseph price: thnxs for suggestions.... yes I am gonna give the ANZAC a commando style unit: rangers for in the jungle & desert...... and your CV-33 is better! thnxs

  • @ebbe Just wondering wouldn't it make more sense preventing nations to use captured factories if you think realism must be present at significant level? And it would be the easiest way representing logistic.

  • @Schulz : that how I solved it now: once conquered a factory (or barracks) gets disabled... and can be reactivated by the original owner, when reconquered
    A disabled factory gives some PU's to represent warbooty.. / useful material. Something like that. ( And no building of factories and Barracks outside of original territories and with minimum of 2 PU value and for big factory min of 3)

    I solved it differently for Refineries ( as they are the oil source in Oil-territories: as AI neglects their importance I had to let them swap when conquered... but when damaged at half fuel prodiuction . Otherwise AI players went out of fuel even when controlling enough oil-territories.)

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