Saved game between daymar and dubstep that is in contention

  • Re: Posting Matches This game was left by daymar and was never posted as a loss. He maintains he never quit but is unwilling to resume play.

  • Admin

    Official Ruling, I was asked to look at save and make a determination. This game was too close to call a victor. I suggest you call it null and void and avoid playing each other in the future.

    As I see it, if one player drops out of a game, the moderators such as myself , praxis or other mods can be asked to weigh in or judge a winner. If there is no clear victor such as this game, I suggest both players move on if they can not agree to play it out.

  • thank you AK for judging quick today .

  • Admin

    @DayMar - I am not clear why you refuse to continue playing. Is that not the simplest solution to simply finish the game? We do not want to encourage people abandoning games. I would vote for the game to continue, and if a player is unwilling to continue, then that player should take a loss. Simple as that. This is how other A&A websites handles such matters, as AAMC and Daak.

  • we decided to give it admins 3 weeks ago,AK now decided,i dont understand you and i dont understand any other one talkin to this issue. no one of you where present as he starts talkin very bad over me to another one called deathbringer.i dont give a fuck to that game,the issue is this opponent,go ahead im rly close to leave this bullshit

  • Admin

    Hi DayMar - a few points in response:

    • I am just giving my opinion, so no need to speak disrespectfully with vulgarity, etc.
    • if Dubstep wants to formally pursue a decision on this, I would vote that you must continue the game, or he wins by forfeit. The reason for this view is because if every player was losing a game and decided to abandon it, nobody would ever lose. We cannot allow this to occur, especially during rated games. Again, this is the consistent policy in every other website. The game looks still close enough, and you should just finish it, in my opinion.
    • Separately, if you are accusing dubstep of speaking to you unprofessionally or inappropriately, there is a separate process for that, and all that you need to do is copy and paste the chat area where such occurred, and we can address the situation as mods.

    @dubstep - please advise if you want to continue this game or not. It's up to you to decide whether to seek a forfeit if DayMar chooses not to continue.

  • ouch
    that really hurts , i dont know still how do you know i had quit a game or that this would be a lose , then you said ist Close enough , it was him not wanting to Conti , he wanted me to Report lost game..thats it , what a pitty , u just believe what this guy says behind my back ? after im member since more then 10 years and never had any Problems with others ?

  • Admin

    @delete @dubstep ur both hurting my head

    simple truth is ya both dont get along

    but i did ask epi about quiting and deltium is obvious of the same opinion

    on the other hand if all you are doing is "yelling" at each other why continue ?

    my vote is move on but lets not make this a precendence at all or ladder becomes useless

  • @prastle goddamnit and from time to time anyone cames up with agasin,what you say is what i wanted from beginning on , before all clever People starts actin and for the record i want to delete my account here and at cases but also that is not really possible so please be so Kind or any other mod and kick me out here

  • Admin

    @delete i am following american knights point of view

    0 match results

    the precedent point was directed at all ladder players

    glhf :)

  • @prastle please delete my account im searchin and tryin but it wont let me kill myself
    thank you

  • Admin

    @delete Why would you have to delete your account? All you have to do is never come back?

  • Admin

    @delete Ya i set it up after you accidentally? deleted your first user here. Deleting a user leaves ghost posts if you recall. So no i would prefer it doesn't occur. Besides you might change your mind again ;)

    GLHF! or try to :)

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