Shore bombardment question

  • Is it possible to make 2HP infastructure units act differently during shore bombardment phrase?

    For example trench with 0/1/0 2HP, repair abilities. I would want them act like infanty during shore bombardment phrase with just 2 defence, 1HP.

  • @Schulz You want them to be destroyed if they get hit, even though they have 2hp normally?

    I have seen other maps that do this somehow with AA attacks I would guess. Maybe you could do something similar with bombard?

  • I want them destroyable by hit from shore bombardment and firing back 2 just like infantry.

    If its not possible I would consider making them unable to participate shore bombardment phrase. Just I don't want them totally negate shore bombardment advantages.

  • @Schulz You want them to shoot back during shore bombardment? I have never seen that.

  • shoot back to the invading forces of couse not the ships. All land units do the same thing.

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