Welcome Screen Images Needed

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    Could use some more interesting background and button images for a welcome screen. So far this is a boring screen:

    Background Image Request:

    • Screen will be about the same size as the current welcome/launch screen, so image should be ballpark around there.

    Button Images Request:

    • All of the buttons together should take up about the same amount of screen space as does the select game screen. Initial screen size is actually negotiable but can be assumed to be similar to what it is today. I think that means buttons would be ballpark 150x150
    • I'm not sure if transparency is needed for good blending. Keep in mind bhe button colors can vary by theme.
    • PNG/JPEG/GIF should all be fine for image format
    • some standard usability considerations: color blindness, low vision

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    Ask @Hepps He is the artist! Have a look at donation drive thermometer.


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    @LaFayette I'm on it like a fat kid on Smarties.... can we do a barter system? Graphics for say... oh I don't know.... a unit that permits movement only if it is present. Just off the top of my head. 😃

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