Master_Blaster retired

  • The Master_Blaster retired...
    thank u mods for your arrogance and muting long champ73 is a mod...mb is out of here

  • What's going on? This has to be a mistake. Who is Champ73 anyway?

  • MB now you listen. This is not acceptable. No matter what happened your have to come back and get your ass kicked. I miss you already:)

  • Moderators Admin

    @master_blaster since there is nothing in bunker im going to guess it was a temporary mute mb.

  • Its a shame to see you gone MB.
    You have always been great fun, and very good and nice help to me when I was new, and as I see you have been with some others.

    1 thing I have to say talk a lot...and sometimes listen less...sometimes you use bad words...

    I always took it as fun when you used bad words, or said something crazy ;o)
    BUT...we are all different people, also in the lobby...some rules you need to obey..when you broke them your chance of getting muted or banned will get higher..of course when action to mute/ban is needed, can be difficult to say...and in my eyes, it seemed a bit harsch the other day when the mod called champ73 muted you...I saw no warning from him, seemed like he just muted you..

    But hey MB...stand up and get on the train us some masterblast, and let me call you MB- the Mega_Bastard in the lobby as I used to...come back and lets have fun...its not the same without you! I had a bit of chat with champ73..the funny thing were that he talked excatly like you..I had the crazy idea that the whole thing is a setup...and you and champ73 are in fact the same person.....(even thoug I admit that when youre on as MB your jokes seems better...see you when you enter again..(maybe with a new name as I spottet yeserday in our funny multiplayergame ;o)

  • Moderators

    I'm a Mod. I muted MB for referring to himself in the third person. seriously, he was disparaging a Mod who was not there to defend himself. After a 10 min. mute for profanity, he started slamming epi. epi was not in the lobby. I muted him for a day.

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