looking to pay someone to make battle board in TWW more readable so as to determine air and armor superiority

  • If you try to play tww dice the columns don't really line up with the dice plus since dice is 12 sided you can't see the higher dice rolls since they scroll off the screen. I've tried a bigger TV but that did not work hehe. Plus the defender hit units disappear from the columns too fast as well. The reason we want to be able to see the dice rolls accurately is for air and armor superiority so players can pick respectively. So we need the battle board to tally up all hits from planes, tanks, anti tanks out of all the combined hits. infantry and art. would not matter. This could apply to all games and of course should be optional. Obviously we want to the same reader for the defender's roll. We would like it for the sea battles as well to help with the sub destroyer relationship plus only allowing trannies to counter planes and maybe subs, please email at resocialtarian@yahoo.com if interested.

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