Start of a new v3 anniversary tourney?

  • @jedimaster GG jedimaster it was a sporty and tight game also i was allowed to do an important edit and so luck favoured me sunnyboy:) GL in the further Trny
    cheers day

  • Raville alied vs DayMar axis
    just looked at our save again rav . Its round 12 and DayMar resign to yellerhordes . GG its yours hope to see ya later for second match .
    cheers day

  • @DayMar @Raville
    BS sry it was raville axis vs me allied at 13 and so i resigned to japanes with a tuv of somewhat90?? good job
    cheers day

  • A great game with a though opponent DayMar, Japan strongly attacking while Germany and Italy defending as bunkers in their Fatherlands (or Motherlands ;)) waiting for a counter (more than 200 TUV and 30 PUs up), Well done! Great job DayMar! Thanks & GG, see you soon for our next game.

  • DayMar Axis & Raville Allies: UK & US stacked in France and focus into getting Berlin while Russia defending well, as India fell to Italy hands it reduced yellow power that has to attacked from north while Caucasus was well protected. At 7th. Round Berlin fell and Allies were ready for Rome, then being free to attack Japan with all their potential (159 vs 85 PUs + TUV) on following rounds with no chance to Axis… Raville win. Thanks DayMar, was a great game and good job! GG

  • I'll be on easter holidays till next week, cy soon!

  • @Raville
    well , nothin more to say as that was excellent allied gameplay and so Raville made his way into the Final for right .
    Thx for that lesson 🙂 was great game , gl in the Final .
    cheers day

  • game one I was axis and got to Moscow before allies could take out Germany. Game 2 allies was able to pressure Germany from get go to allow ussr to fend off japan. Good gaming general zod.

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    @riverrat updated challonge

    Rat vs Rav

    Zod vs Daymar

    glhf gents!

  • Game one riverrat as allies was able to keep Germany at bay most entire game. Ussr was free to concentrate on japan and was 30+ PU's all game. Game 1 to riverrat.

  • hi all ,

    Zod vs DayMar
    rd 9 Zod yellow in Moskau Day green in Berlin , i follow my own words and quitt here . GG Zod u win both matches , was great and friendly game until a unclear situation with a dumb and unsporty rule and attack in my eyes. thx for playin !
    cheers day

  • Rubber match was riverrat allies with bid of 14. Germany was kept at bay and usa took Germany and Italy while Moscow was still in allied hands. Riverrat victor as allies for 2-1 win. Allies won all 3 games.

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    @riverrat Congrats to Riverrat!!! and to all!

  • Congratulations! Well done riverrat! Thanks to all and particularly to Prastle as organizer, Good job friend! Maybe a new tournament soon with more competitors, with limit of time for a game duration and a possibility that everybody game vs all others (as a soccer league, with points to add)…

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