How to play by Forum. A Visual Guide

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    TripleA 1.5.1 and later versions allow Play-By-Forum on the

    I hope people can give it a try!


    1. Start a new thread in this Forum Section (Play by Forum section)

    2. Remember or write down the "Topic ID", which is part of the url address at the top of your browser screen.

    3. Start TripleA 1.5.1 or later, then choose the game you want to play.
      Then click on "Start PBEM Game"

    4. In the PBEM/PBF screen, do the following:

    • Fill in the Dice Server that you want to use, and any required information for it.
    • Click on the drop down menu for "Play By Forum -> Post to Forum", and then select "". Then fill in the Topic ID for the Thread that you want to use, and your login information for this forum.
    1. Begin playing.

    TripleA Play-By-Forum will automatically send the save game to the forum, so there is no need to use emails at all to exchange the game.


    Link for visual here

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