Info About New War Club/Forum and user options

  • Admin

    All registered users have the ability to edit their skins,views,settings and how they would like their own home page to look. They can also keep the default. In other words each user can customize as to how they would like their war club/forum to appear, as well as who they want to follow and what threads they would like to watch etc. This can be done by opening their user profile and clicking settings. Other options are available by editing their profile as well. More to come as more things are added. Post any questions here that you have about how to adjust your profile etc. Also would people prefer a locked skin?

  • Admin

    @prastle Also the ability to invite new users (and old friends) has been added in your profile options. Just email directly from here. To reach your personal profile options just click your avatar (or letter) in the top right then click settings. Here you can follow/ignore/invite/change skins/etc.

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