battle calc bug with retreat

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    i'm not on github.
    there's bugs in battle calc if you use the retreat after round X
    persistently happens if you setup a battle on minimap using 4/1/3/2/1 for units on offense and defense (which is the start combat units on the main line that can reach either for a round 2 fight.
    if I set it to retreat after round 1 it shows attacker having 10.99 units left, while showin the correct casualties for defender.

    it kinda looks like there may be a similar bug if using the retreat if only air is left checkbox. I tried running 4/1/3/2/1 attacking vs 15 inf; and it shows a +5 average tuv swing, even though you have fewer units and fewer pips, and should be showing a persistent loss.

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    I have noticed anecdotal erroneous results in bc too, with regard to using the "retreat after round" specifically. I have also heard of one or two others mention it in chat. I had intended to post a bug report the next time I saw it with game save and screenshot. Also I was unsure if this was ever posted previously.

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    Thanks for posting the bug. Had noticed the same thing.
    Bug issue created here:

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    @zlefin this should be fixed in the latest pre-release.

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