Revised Tournament of Champions 11 (ToC 11)

  • Hammond axis def. NOD allies

    Axis got the bid at 11 and although Germany got off to a good start, its buddy Japan was fighting for its survival in the early rounds as UK, Russia, and USA (planes) made for some delicate Japan play that could have very easily been Japan's downfall. This did create some light for Germany and it rolled towards Russia and took Caucaus, but could go no further as USA and UK put the brakes on any more territorial gains. However, after Japan escaped from immediate danger, it finally began its march towards Moscow. Cut-off, Russia had to endure a double hit just in the knick of time as UK and USA were about to make Germany and English speaking country. GG NOD

  • MB lost once again in round 1 of our ToC versus odor...poor mb

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    Deltium (Allies) defeats Cdnadjustment. Axis get some tough dice early, which created a material IPC swing, which was hard to recover from. Axis captured and held Karelia early, only to pull back to Berlin as the KGF took hold. Japan advanced methodically to Moscow, but the Allied economic advantage was too high for the Axis to capture, and Berlin soon fell, sealing the Axis fate.

    Thanks Cdnadjustment for a good game, and hope you to play you again sometime, perhaps in v3 where you're clearly more experienced!

    Cheers, Deltium

  • Hammond (Allies) defeats Wasp. It was a fairly quick game that probably came down to whether or not Japan could get its fleet into the Med. The Allies had to sacrifice good equipment to keep that from happening. After the smoke cleared, German was in defensive mode and Allies could control aftrica and East Europe. Wasp could have kept going, but made an honorable surrender. Thanks for the game! GG

  • @hammond great reports, they make me want to take a look at the saveGames 🙂

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    @dark save games are uploadable to this new forum now. Good stuff for a TOC I agree. Also i edited the toc link to top of thread @Deltium . Great Job!

  • @dark Thanks! Its fun to put a documentary flare to the game. Let me know if you want to see the games.

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    Hi - just received a post from Erik26 that he defeated AAgamer in Round 1. Here is his summary of the game:

    *Erik26 (axis) vs aagamer_kc03 (allies)
    Erik26 accepted axis control with a 9 bid and bought 3 infantry (spread the bid between Africa and Europe)

    Russia started out the game strong and made it a point to pick up at least one tank per round. This gave Russia incredible attack power and of course the ability to blitz, keeping Germany from attempting to over-extend itself, else face potential a punishing blow. The game went 15 or so rounds before surrender, and Russia was still several rounds away from falling, albeit, it had finally lost all of its territory by about round 10 with the typical advance from Germany in the west, and Japan in the east.

    Germany made an effort to take and hold Africa, but found limited success. Africa was under mixed control between the axis and allies for most of the game. Japan came to Germany's aid as soon as it could and helped Germany maintain a healthy production with the few territories it held in Africa along with Germany's strong presence in Europe. Germany focused on adding to its air force and amassed a whopping 9 fighters and 1 bomber at it's peak, posing a constant threat to UK and US navy, and allowing it to trade territories on the cheap. Germany's production remained strong throughout the game and finished with a TUV in excess of 400. Production was commonly above 40 by the end of its turn, making Germany a very difficult threat to deal with.

    The UK did a good job of landing figs in Russia to keep Russia safe from attack as well as grinding Germany down in Europe and WE by late game. UK's presence definitely kept Germany from being able to build up the necessary forces on the Russian front to be able to overtake Russia.

    Japan started out somewhat slow thanks to the UK, but managed to become a force to reckon with by late game after building 3 factories and 6 transports. The rush of Japanese forces through Asia and towards Caucasus greatly helped Germany and kept the USA away from Germany for quite a few rounds.

    The US took a while to build up as usual, but once it was established, it became a threat that almost spelled the end for the axis. In the final rounds, the allies invaded and held WE and were trading SE. Germany was forced to spend all it had on fending this offensive off and lost half of it's airforce in the process.

    The axis was in dire need of help, and only got the help it needed with Japan was able to drop enough troops into Caucasus so that Germany could pull back a large tank division and fend off the invasion. It wasn't until Germany's sneak attack on Egypt that the allies didn't see coming that finally tilted the game into the Axis' favor. With the Suez canal opened up, the US fleet in the Mediterranean was exposed to a large Japanese fleet on the other side, spelling the end.*

  • Blasherke (Axis, 9) defeats KJF in round 5, after an honourable surrender.

    Unlike his nick would suggest, KJF immediately demonstrated his KGF-intentions by an interesting factory build in Brasil. Unfortunately, he was unable to develop his strategy due to an unforseen gap in the Russian lines, which allowed me to take Moscow in round 2. Though not sustained, this capture caused a 28 IPC-swing and a decisive delay in the Allied build-up. By the start of round 5, Japan was in control of the Pacific and Asia, while preparing for a final march on Moscow.

    Thanks KJF for the quick and fun game!


  • Comorv (Axis) vs Odor (Allies)

    After a huge strike on West Russia on the beginning of the game both russians and axis were very low on units, which made for high pressure on Germany for the rest of the war; then came a big chance for Allies, as Germany fails to get a hold of Italy (with a 100% chance to take, according to calculator), USA had 20 units to land and keep the ground, if not for a desperate japanese landing in Egypt, which stopped a huge amount of units from being transported to Italy. Japan had a great and very aggressive foothold in Caucasus, with lots of tanks and really few infantry. Russia was cautious but still exchanging terrain, even after losing it's fighters in turn 2. but the offensive came to fruition by round 10, when Japan finally took over moscow with 40 tanks (6 left after battle). Taking all UK air force in the process. While germans were under high pressure, but a few turns far from being taken.

    Great Game Odor, hope we have a rematch soon

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    Another game update received:

    *Erik26 (axis) surrenders to Gonz (allies) in r10

    Game Details:
    Axis picked up a generous 10 bid and gave 9 of it to germany, and 1 to japan. Germany put the bid to work in both Europe and Africa.

    Allied strategy was mostly status quo, but very effective. Very disciplined. KGF tried and true.

    Germany played a little outside the box and focused on air, probably one of its bigger mistakes, in addition to attempting to hold onto Africa despite constant pressure. Nevertheless, Germany held on and amassed a large tank division in addition to its airforce, but it wasn’t enough at the end of the day.

    On the yellow side of the board, Japan did what it could early on to help Germany hang onto Africa and attack Asia and Pacific islands as per the usual. In the end, Japan simply wasn’t effective enough. By mid-game, Japan snuck a transport into position to take Western US, which it was successful with, but was unable to hold.

    Falling behind in TUV and production, the Axis grew increasingly desperate. Germany advanced its entire tank division to western Russia in attempt to get Russia to abandon Caucasus. A double tap from the US, then Russia prevented that desperate attempt working out.

    With no viable path forward, the Axis surrendered.

    Thanks for the game Gonz!!

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    While the various ToC11 tournament games are progressing, it is worth highlighting that, if you are interested in competitive play, you can also checkout the Revised, AA 50, NWO, and Global 1940 ladders, pasted below here. Please do note that these ladders are a just a temporary solution, for we intend to build into the software (in some future version) the ability to play ranked games and the ladder would be built into the software. However, this is probably at least a year away, as the developers are working on other higher priorities, but this is a good temporary solution if you want to play competitively.

    Nevertheless, we do intend to have regular ToC tournaments going forward, both for Revised and AA 50, so stay tuned !

    Cheers, Deltium

  • I would like to play also

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    Polarole defeats Abeldbest by forfeit, despite multiple warnings and many emails. The game never started, unfortunately.

  • Keith (Diecaster)-Allies vs Raville-Axis
    Game in the 21st Round, a stacking long game with Moscow well reinforced by Allies planes; Berlin safe and Caucasus in Japan hands as well as Pacific zone, but not great chance to go forward due to income and well positioned Allies. Raville concede with TUV disadvantage and a work trip forward. Thanks Keith (Diecaster) & Delitium for invitation; Well done! GG and gl to all TOC11.

  • I would like to sign up, are there any slots available?

  • Stroid (allies) defeats Blasherke (axis, bid 10)

    A rather difficult game to observe. Neither side played particularly well. Stroid played aggressivly hoping for some british/russian double taps on german troops early on. But he got bad dice and blash responded well to it with the japs. But then the japs left most of their airforce exposed to a red army tank blitz. Germany grew bigger and bigger against russia after USA unceremoniously switched from an original KGF to a KJF. Russia held off the germans for a long time but eventually fell. But not before USA was firmly planted in asia. With a gigantic USA battleship fleet bombarding tokyo, the japs turtled. The germans tried rushing to their aid but the red army stack, after abandoning moscow, turned back to moscow only to be slaughtered by the german tank army. But this bought USA time to build a powerful defensive line against the german onslaught. In the end, the allies had almost twice the income and the TUV over the axis, tokyo flew red white and blue flag, and Hitler decided to commit suicide. GG blash! Was fun, if not a bit clunky of a game!

  • Stroid (allies) defeats tulkas (axis, bid 10)

    The game proceeded quickly and aggressively. Axis got a little good dice to start and ran with it, pushing russia quickly from both sides. USA went hard africa along with UK splitting forces between norway / western europe and a little to africa as well. Possibly the game deciding move came in round 2. USSR got some bad dice in ukr, allowing a german tabk blitz and amphib landing into cacu. It was a tempting gambit, one which Hitler could not resist. Germany succeeded in taking it, but at the cost of dropping troops into africa. Losing those troops in africa effectively ceded control over to the allies, allowing the allies to maintain a slight econ edge. Hitler was not deterred, however, and went hard into karelia to increase his production. But he got a bit greedy, allowing an early allied landing in france. Germany was not able to repel the landing and more and more allied troops swam ashore. Japan was pushing as hard as she could against russia but having to trade so much in africa really cut into her stack. Eventually japan stacked caucus and took moscow just as allies took berlin. But at this point the allied forces greatly outnumbered and outproduced the axis war machine. GG was called. Great game as always tulky!

  • Deltium, Pherman, Hammond... I recognize these names... So everyone is here now or just a handful? And Stroid! Is bmaster still around?

    tourney 11?!

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    Hello LouisXIVXIV - welcome to TripleA, and good to see you!! A LOT of the GTO players are here, but some haven't made it over yet. If you can do anything to contact anyone, please do so!

    All - I'll take the honor to introduce LouisXIVXIV; he was consistently one of the very best at Game Table Online, winning our last two major tournaments in Revised. Let's hope that he is a little rusty! 🙂

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