Wish List for The Lobby and the New Forum

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    Wish List for New Forum / War Club

    (feel free to add Peeps!)

    1 A ladder / competition module - (check this link here perhaps we can use in the meantime until they incorporate into the engine)

    2 Working PBF - Roi has a fix but the update would mean all need new triplea dl

    3 Working Database - So user management can occur again for the lobby. ( Unbanning random bans etc)

    4 Working PayPal donations link - So that all can contribute that wish to.

    5 A new engine release that posts the EV version in the lobby - This way all know that they have the same engine version (example 1.9. x instead of just 1.9)

    6 Notification that a map needs an update - this way you dont have to check periodically if it becomes outdated.

    Feel free to add ideas to the list

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    @beelee I thought 6 used to work as well untill i noticed i needed some maps updated and it never informed me. One example was Age Of Tribes

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    PBF is now available using the latest TripleA-Version

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    @RoiEX awesome !

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    Concerning the Paypal, do somebody specific have the job of collecting donations and paying the expenses? Who has collected in the past? Anyway, I would think the person who ownes the paypal account that normally collects for TriplaA, he can get some "donate" code at the PayPal website (widget/button/link) and we can set it up on the website.

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    @Frostion In the past Bung ran the annual donation drive. I would hope that @LaFayette wil start a new one. Thus it's on my wish list.

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    @Frostion and all. We need a new image for this forum to be listed on the website. Ron has removed the old link to the war club as well as the old links. Thanks @redrum . We could reuse the old image and just redirect it here but I think this would be confusing to all. Anyone have any ideas on what the new Icon should look like?


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    used this for now hope all like it.

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