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  • @Michael-Hoover Damn, I'll try again but it doesnt show there. grrr

  • Hmm...the only other thing I can think of would be to uninstall tripleA and re download it? I'm using 1.9 latest release. Maybe the new dragon war update requires a later version of tripleA than what you have?

  • yeah, I did that. Is the newest version, 1.9. the big red box when you got to the site. the 64 bit DL?

  • Sounds right. Maybe try manually deleting the map from your local storage while tripleA is not running? Anyone else have any thoughts?

  • @Michael-Hoover my version is, I think...yeah that's it. But my DW is still 1.2.2 and there is no update! ffs...is there a way that I can take of the old map by itself? Or perhaps its my saved games that are getting in the way. When I uninstalled, there were 3 things and I took them all off but after that, my saved games were all still there. Maybe that has something to do with it...I dunno.

  • @Michael-Hoover By local storage, you mean try and find the map in the program files folder and delete it there?

  • Yeah should be in your user area. I use Linux but on Windows I think it is "C:\Users[your user name]\TripleA\downloadedMaps" There should be a dragon war zip file in there. Delete it and then fire up TripleA and go re-download it.

  • Woot!, that did the trick, thank's a million Mike. So much for sleep for another couple hours... 😛

  • The pirates seem especially nasty now so watch out lol.

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    @Sgt_Brass and @Michael-Hoover I seem to recall @frostion mentioning he had done some updates. You could try it in the new lobby or with the newest pre-release. Just don't overwrite your current stable. Install the pre-release in a new folder/directory. https://github.com/triplea-game/triplea/releases/

  • @prastle Thanks prastle, the newest version, 1.2.8, is still not at all challenging even though the pirates are more aggressive, the AI players are doing nothing. I'm on turn 10 and I have 3 to 4 times the pu's and 2 to 3 times the production as the others. I love this mod so much but it's such a drag because there's no challenge. I don't suppose fast ai would be better than hard ai, would it? Maybe the ai is over-thinking things and thats why they're way too defensive, I dunno. I'll try the pre-release though, tyvm for the help! 🙂

  • @prastle For the record the best AI I've found was WWII v3, if that helps. Maybe he could examine that one to make DW more challenging. I wish I knew how to program. lol

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    @Sgt_Brass You can try the pre-release version which has some AI improvements: https://github.com/triplea-game/triplea/releases/tag/2.0.18816

    And yes the AI tends to do better on the simpler, standard A&A maps like revised and v3. That is what is was originally developed for and most custom maps use features the AI isn't as strong with.

  • @redrum That makes sense and thank you, redrum, I'll try that one. All work and no play... 😉

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    @Sgt_Brass Can you see what the AI is doing obviously wrong? Is it simple stuff as not expanding, but instead just keeping units stacked at capitals? Or is it related to the way it battles? Or something else?

    Also, you could just give the AI side more PUs from start of game via the launcher settings.

    I am glad that you like the map anyways. Keep an eye out for the beta release of my Warcraft map 🙂 It expands greatly on many many of the concepts of Dragon War, even though unit prices are simplified to only cost two types of resources.

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    @Sgt_Brass said in Dragon War - Official Thread:

    For the record the best AI I've found was WWII v3, if that helps. Maybe he could examine that one to make DW more challenging.

    Just so that you don't misunderstand, the AI is the same entity / has the same brain regardless of the chosen map. It's play style is (as of now) not map specific. It may act different and be better or worse depending on the map, but this is because of the specific map' s premise, setup, features and complexity, sometimes the map is beyond what the AI is programmed to handle. Like in DW the AI doesn't buy and place towns and city upgrades, as this is beyond AI capability atm. AI has not yet learnt to value and administrate non-PU resources and DW uses this also. Maps with player "actions and operations" also can't have the AI use these. (@redrum correct me if I am wrong 😉 )

    So the Hard and Fast AI in DW does its best with what it's got. 😊

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    @Frostion said in Dragon War - Official Thread:

    Maps with player "actions and operations" also can't have the AI use these. (@redrum correct me if I am wrong 😉 )

    Yes, but I tend to think that it might make more sense that the AI clicks on a 50% chance everything that it doesn't understand (instead of always skipping).

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    @Cernel That would be a good substitute until a better brain was made. But maybe less than 50% as some maps might have decisions with great consequences in the actions and operation. Ideally it would be nice with some map maker control, like a "AIselectOption" / "ClickChanceAI" option in the CML under every action. This could have the mapmaker set up a random chance of stuff happening, specifically for that action.

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    @redrum I did a 10+ rounds Hard AI vs Hard AI run of the map. I seems like there are some AI issues that I am not sure were there previously, and maybe the same issue is effecting War Heroes map in development. Like this, where the AI has a huge army sitting/stacking in a weird dead-end place:
    The units in the territory have only one way out, but does not move this way. I suspect that this may be related to the resent addition of airway-connections in Dragon War and War Heroes, where certain connection only allows air units to pass? Here all air units should be able to cross the rivers, but the stacked land unit types may not pass. Is this the reason why they are sitting at this dead end?

    Air units = Just a select number of the unit types
    Airway = Just normal land connections with canal attachments only allowing certain units to pass.

    If you would like to examine it, the save is made with Dragon War 1.2.8
    Pre-release 2.0.18779

  • @Frostion Hey man, thanks for responding. Yeah, this mod is by far my favorite, I hate to sound like a broken record but I just love it. Did you make up the story and the name of all the places, etc.? Bravo, if you did man. I'm an old D&D nerd so yeah, I guess that why I love it so much but the way you incorporated the leaders and the resources was brilliant too. With regard to the AI though, yeah they just don't expand. May sound like a silly question but how do I show you my map after 9 turns? Been trying to get my brother to play but I guess he's hooked on something else atm. Are there many others that play this and how can I get a game going with others online? Been like 10 years since I played TA online and I'm kinda lost now.

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