Revised Tournament of Champions Season 13 (ToC 13)

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    Deltium (Allies) defeats Blackskull (Axis, 10 bid) in Round 9.

    First, Blackskull is a friendly and good opponent. A fairly traditional game where Germany stacks Karelia early and the Japanese begin the advance to Persia, along with trading in Africa to keep the Allies on the defensive as much as possible. Allies try to play a patient strategy to let the gradual economic advantages outweigh the early tactical gains by the Axis.

    Kudos to Blackskull for even squeezing in some turns during his brother-in-law's wedding in Italy. If you have not ever been to an Italian wedding before, it is very distracting ! Between the wonderful food, wine, and beautiful Italian women, it is very hard to find any time to play Axis and Allies ! 🙂

    Thanks again for the good game Blackskull and hope that you do well in the rest of the tournament. Cheers, Deltium


  • Ingcameroni (Axis 10) defeats hammond
    Ingcameroni has asked me to write the game summary. So, from the loser’s perspective ……
    The Allies had their way for the first 9 rounds or so. They pressured Germany to its breaking point and Germany fell to Russia. By doing so, it left Russia a bit weaker to fend off a Japan desperate to get to Moscow. Here’s where the Allies’ generals got too drunk with joy and ceased to function. Instead of just protecting Moscow which could have been certain, they decided to try and protect both Caucasus AND Moscow at the same time. With a suicidal frenzy, Germany sacrificed its remaining air and tanks into UK planes meant for Russian defense which then gave Japan a slim chance to raid the vodka stores in Moscow. Well a slim chance is better than no chance and Moscow fell . With the extra bounty from Russia, and the extra $ it had just acquired from its acquisition of Germany, Japan quickly became the dominate world power. USA and UK tried to protect Europe but couldn’t and Germany was liberated for good. The USA made a desperate flight to the Pacific Ocean but just fell shy of being able to invade Tokyo. Massive allied Battleships kept UK and USA safe but couldn’t keep the Axis from a 9 victory city win.
    Kudos to Ingacameroni who kept fighting when all seemed lost. He played very well despite some bad luck with trannys and it paid off to advance to the next round. He showed good sportsmanship throughout the game and was enjoyable to game with. Good luck in the next round!

  • @hammond ....tnks....Hamond... I was very very lucky against Moscow..... Hammond very good player ...only whit dice and whit a little mistake I win!! tnks... and good luck for the TOC!

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    Kudos to Ingcameroni and Hammond for very good sportsmanship ! It sounds like a very good game. If possible, can you post the game file?

    Cheers, Deltium

  • Gonz (Allies) defeats jeffschultz32 (Axis). Bid was 5G/4J. The game was surrendered before German round 7. The game was played PBEM with nice high speed!! Germans played very aggressive on the east front and were purchasing many tanks. Caucasus was German after 2nd round, but the Russians was able to defend with a little help from UK/US. On the west front UK/US was focused on Germany (no Pacific action in this game) – and by the end of round 6 Germany was too weak to hold off much longer. Japan was becoming big – but not big enough to take Moscow at this point. Thanks Jeff for a fun and fast Game! Best Gonz.0_1537600371779_jeff_Gonz_Rus7.tsvg

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    eboy82 (allies) defeats tulkas (axis) - bid was 9 for g in a lobby game. The game started out very aggressive with the entire bid placed on east front. Russia was under pressure early on and almost went under before being saved by a small margin with UK fighters and a increased allied pressure on West+ South Europe. US and UK took Africa and eventually went pacific for islands. Later in game, Germany was pushing Russia a second time, but once again US+UK fighters came to rescue. In round 19 America took Japan. Thank you to tulkas for a tough match - almost had me in first 8 rounds !

  • After 12 rounds of PBEM jmpsmsh (Axis +10) defeats the Allies played by Blasherke. The Allies had to overcome a rough start, losing several US+UK transports and destroyer that were just enjoying the sun in front of the North African Coast to a joint attack of German subs and planes. This lessened the Allies pressure on Germany in a sustained manner. The Allies countered by taking Africa and fighting back the Germans on their east front and Japan in India so that - supported by quite some unlikely dice results - a seemingly even mid-game developed.
    Then UK decided to go far an IC in Norway and permanently landing troops in France which required the full US support and both Russian planes to survive, leaving the thinned Russian troops and Africa open for the ever growing Japan armada. While Germany had no troubles in withstanding the pressure Japan became unstoppable and closed out the game.
    Thanks to Blash for this nice and friendly game and good luck for the upcoming matches!

    0_1537654697479_blash - jmp.tsvg

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    bayder (Axis +10) defeated Mogulrunnin (Allies) in round 12 in a PBEM game. Allies started out with a successful mini-KJF effort, limiting Japan's growth early. UK shuttled troops for 2 rounds to Africa, which allowed Allies to eventually force Axis out of Egypt. But by doing so, Germany was able to lock up Europe and grow very big very quickly. USA suffered 2 significant fleet losses at the hands of Japan's navy and air force, and this turned the tide. Germany got in Cauc, and in round 12 gambled and won on an 82% chance for Moscow. UK could have retaken, but Japan was in position to take again permanently. This sealed the game. Thanks to Mogulrunnin for a fast, fun, and cordial game!


  • Barca (Axis +9) defeated Straha (Allies) in round 10 in a PBEM game. Allies quickly established an allied supply line to Russia via Karelia. Axis had to make some hard decisions on how to take Caucuses, hold Germany, and eventually cut Russia off.
    The entire Axis navy controlled the med which allowed Germany to grow relatively unperturbed. In the end Japan initially weakened the Allies, ( 20 Japaneses tanks for 20 allies guys ) so that Germany could be left strong for the knock out blow.


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    epinikion (axis) defeats wasp (allies) in 9 rounds. Axis react to early russian 2 figther purchase with moving the med-fleet to gibraltar joining with the north-sea fleet in r2 and moving the unified german fleet to the north-sea in g3. This fleet was later destroyed by allies but allies couldnt land in europe first rounds and more or less the complete game in europe, except trading. Germany invested all game in inf and arms and builded a big strong europe while japan builded two factories in fic and india and went for optimal land unit purchase all rounds. With some axis luck uk and usa lost bombers earlier to aa`s than germ and japan later. So after 9 rounds japs moved an impressive stack to kaz while germay was totally save and wasp surrenderd. For more details look at the file attached.

    I want to thank you wasp for a good pbem game with decent game speed and friendly communication. Good luck for the rest of your tournament!


  • Gonz (Axis) defeats Eboy82 (Allies). Bid was 9G. The game was surrendered after German round 22 with the capture of Moscow. The game was played Online and PBEM with high speed!! This game was really funny and there was action in all parts of the world at some point. Many key points could be mentioned, but maybe Axis being able to take and hold Caucasus in round 14 had great impact. US initiated a Hugh Pacific circus in round 8 and lots of action was also going on around the islands and Japan. I could tell many more things but instead I will attach the game

    Thanks, Eboy82 for a really great game – TAK for spillet😊

  • NastyNate52 (Axis+10) defeats Mogulrunnin (Allies) by surrender in round 8 following advancement into the Caucasus and a loss of the British Air force.
    Germany was able to take Africa early and, with the support Japan, was able to hold the amassing american troops in Libya until the 6th or 7th round. This coupled with the Japanese taking every island in sight kept British income extremely limited. The Japanese also defended very well with single infantry while progressing towards Moscow which by games end added up to a significant swing.

    Thanks again for a Great Game Mogul! Cant wait to play again!

  • Pannpall defeats Comorv.

    GG Pannpall!


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    ** Received email from KingKelly ***

    Dear Deltium,

    TOC match Handsome (Axis +9) versus King Kelly (Allies) resulted in an Allies victory. Harsh Axis dices at the beginning, made Allies navy very strong. Having a fleet in the seazone near Egypt made Japan could not move fast. Finally, Axis surrendered, getting a lifetime supplies of umbrellas and a nice cottage in Northern Ireland.

    Since I cannot login on the website (tried so many times, never worked), please take this e-mail as the official announcement of the game ending.

    Thx and BR, King Kelly

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    bayder (Allies) defeated jmpsmsh (Axis +8) in round 9 by surrender in a PBEM game. Allies had Berlin surrounded and the Med controlled. Japan was growing immensely (collected 58 in round 8), but Moscow was defended well enough to last several more rounds, and Berlin couldn't last that long. While things were going Allies way early, their cause was greatly helped in round 4 when Hitler's generals errantly left Berlin a bit under-defended. UK had to lose fighters, but was able to take Berlin and plunder the Nazi treasury, before being evicted.

    Thanks to jmpsmsh for a fast, fun, and cordial game! -bayder

  • Blasherke (allies) defeats AdamF in round 6, in a very quick game. AdamF went for a slow, but solid buildup of troops, both west and east. In my opinion, no decisive battle occured before the axis threw the towel, so I'm having mixed feelings on the result. Anyways, thx for the game, Adam!

  • Undine (Allies) defeats sneakingcoward (Axis +10; art and tank in africa) in round 20 in a PBEM game.
    The allies pushed all fronts against germany, while retreating from japan. Early in the game, the allies took back control over africa, as well as wrestling karelia from the grip of germany. With african money going to uk, and usa trading against germany, russia could retreat units from the german front and create a deadzone in persia. The japanese navy took control of the sea and all islands in its reach. But the emperor wanted more and set his eyes on the american mainland, controlling alaska and trading canada for a large part of the game. A lot of money went into the invasion force and a large invasion fleet of 18 transports by round 20. In the meantime, germany was defending with all her power, but had to eventually give in to allied production, with uk carrying the main push. With the capture of germany imminent, and usa turning their fleet towards the japanese islands, the emperor offered his surrender.

    Thank you sneakingcoward for this nice and friendly game!

    0_1539282439984_rev_Sneak_AXIS_vs_Undine_20 us.tsvg

  • Panpal (allies) Defeats Comorv(Axis +8) in round 11 in a PBEM game. Germans place the bid in Africa and bought 2 bombers on round1. This made it difficult for allies to land on Africa, but at the same time enabled Russia to commit more troops to deter the Japanese. By round 6 Germans have built their army and started advancing towards Russia, but were also driven out from Africa, which cut their income. and managed to get Caucasus at the 8th turn. That means that UK and US were left unchecked to land on western Europe and build their army there which have surrounded Germany. Japan bought 4 ic early and later added a 5th. It also captured all the islands early but faced resistance in China. Eventually, it managed to force Russia in Moscow, but was not strong enough to threaten Russian capital who had also the support of allied troops. So axis Surrendered. I would like to thanks Comorv for a challenging and interesting game and wish him best of luck for the remaining tournament.

  • Undine (Allies) defeats Deltium (Axis +10; 2 tanks in africa) in round 9 in a PBEM game.
    The Axis were focused heavily on Russia right from the start. This was also reflected in heavy infantry buys, and then a well timed tank buy by Germany. Japan also did its part with 3 IC built all in reach of Persia within 1 turn with the help of transports. This resulted in a dedicated and heavy push for Russia very early on. At the end of round 5 Germany and Japan combined had 82 units in reach of Caucasus, and Russia had no other option than to retreat to Moscow. At the same time this dedication also meant that Allies could stack WE for a few turns and retake africa early. Germany had a strong army next to Moscow, but long supply lanes and pressure from UK and USA prevented Germany from increasing their army much more, and Japan still needed a few more turns to reach critical mass. In this situation Russia got lucky, and shot down both Axis bombers after only 3 successful bombing runs. With infantry production from Russia and Allied plane support, Moscow had just enough to withstand the Axis armies. Upon the Allied capture of Southern Europe, Axis offered their surrender.

    Thanks for a great game Deltium!

    0_1540222741907_rev_Deltium_AXIS_vs_Undine_9 ger.tsvg

  • Valter (Axis) defats Straha (allies) in 7 round PBEM game. Tactical game of cat and mouse was led with extreme precision on Allies side until faithful round 7 when sz12 fleet was left exposed. Axis took advantage and made a decisive blow to US naval power.

    Straha played extremely well and would like to thank you for the game.


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