Revised Tournament of Champions Season 13 (ToC 13)

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    @wasp added glhf bro

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    OK, we are just waiting for ONE person to confirm by email that they understand all of the rules and OK with the timing requirements for this tournament. So far, 31/32 have responded affirmatively, and I am still waiting to hear back from @Brut1980

    @Brut1980 -- please check your email and reply asap! The sooner that you do so, we can begin the tournament !

    Cheers, Deltium

  • Hi Deltium. Sign me up please!

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    @louisxivxiv - thanks for joining. You are confirmed !

  • @deltium
    How do i know if i am part of the tournament? I read the rules and understand everything besides playing by email. I don't have any experience with that.

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    @Vahe345 - please check your email for your email address on record. We have been writing many emails to you, and offering you help on PBEM but you have not responded. Please reply to those emails and we can discuss offline. As we did not hear back from you, we assumed that you did not want to participate.
    Please note that it is a prerequisite to know how to play PBEM in order to play in this Tournament. I am happy to assist, but you need to accomplish this very quickly as there are other players who want to play now.

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    @Comorv - thanks for registering. You are confirmed.

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    Great news ! We now have 32 participants that have confirmed to play. What happens next?

    • We are finalizing the seeding of all the participants at this very moment, and we expect to publish the bracket shortly thereafter.
    • Once the bracket is finalized, I will send a personalized email to each set of players for each and every game, which shall indicate that your game has started.
    • Once you receive this email with your new match-up, please initiate the bidding process with your opponent ASAP, and begin your game immediately thereafter.

    I promise to come back to everyone within 24 hours, with the bracket and the initial match-ups.

    In the interim, prepare your battle strategy !!

    Cheers, Deltium

    🎲 🎲

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    OK, we have officially launched the Tournament of Champions, Season 13 !!

    Please check your email on file for your initial match-up.

    The bracket has also been established and you can see it here:

    The bracket will be updated dynamically as results are posted.

    I hope that everyone has a good game !

    Cheers, Deltium

  • How does one use Marti dice server? Cant find any docs about it.

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    register there.

    But ty I guess that is missing form an easily accessed link! gd stuff

  • @deltium

    I'm sorry i didn't see your message. Is it too late for me to participate in the tournament?

  • @deltium
    I assumed i was in already.

  • Admin

    hey players,

    today epinikions allies defeated nardwaggs axis in 11 exciting rounds. The bid was 8 and fully placed in africa. Japan went a direct line with ics in kwantung, manchuria and fic to pressure the russian east while japans fleet cleared pacific fast. Germany was under pressure all game and defended aggressive to all directions. The dice was clearly on allies side killed 3 bomber by aa and several axis figthers by transports/aa`s. The allies managed to destroy german stacks in west europe twice, so germany was surrounded by enemies when japs heavy arm stack was blocked in sinkiang.
    Thank you nardwagg for a good tournament game with excellent game speed and good luck for the rest of the tournament.

    best, epi

  • GG Epi Well played

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    @Vahe345 - perhaps you did not read my posts above nor the multiple emails that I sent to you ?? As stated above, you did not respond to any of my emails, and we therefore assumed that you did not want to play. I even offered to play a practice PBEM game with you, and posted this both in this forum page itself and wrote multiple emails to you. I never heard back from you.....the tournament has now started, and you have to wait until the next one.

    If you want to play in the next tournament, please learn how to play PBEM, and you are welcome to join !

  • @vahe345
    if you need support for pbem mail me at:

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    Hello ToC 13 players - just a gentle FYI that you should have at least initiated the bidding process with your opponent now, and hopefully everyone has started their game.

    Please do ensure that you start swiftly and reply to your opponent within the specified time period, which is a maximum of 36 hours per turn in this round.

    If your opponent has not responded yet, please let me know immediately.

    OK, I hope that you are having fun and a good game !

    Cheers, Deltium

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    bayder (Allies) defeats QuarterMaster (Axis +9) in round 9 in a game played 2/3 pbem and 1/3 online. Axis built up two fleets in Baltic, one in Med. This hampered the Allies early movement, but they soon built up enough fleet and air to crush both. That left Germany weak on the ground, while Russian had grown powerful and pushed to EEur. Japan tried to get going, but Russia was too strong and was able to hold them off. The Axis also suffered from poor luck in the early going, which compounded their problems. Thanks to QM for the fast and fun game!


  • In an exceedingly long game jmpsmsh as Allies defeated Dirty_Tirpitz with Axis+8 after 30 rounds . Without a lot of online time this would not have been possible. Germany chose a strategy focused on a lot of land units, surrendering Africa early on. However they were able to push to Karelia from the start putting up a lot of pressure on Russia. Japan grew big on the other side of the world as well but surrendered a lot of fighters and bombers to the UK and US navy in an attempt to relieve the Allies' pressure on Europe / Africa. This resulted in Japan getting stuck on its way to push towards Moscow, giving the Allies enough time to slowly accumulate enough IPC to finally force back Japan from the main land. Hence Russia could gather its troops and direct them to the West, supporting UK and forcing the German army into Eastern Europe.
    In a desperate attempt Japan turned towards Alaska, suddenly landing a lot of units on the almost vacant American continent. Caught by surprise the US found itself under heavy siege, sticking only to Washington. Supported by many British troops the Allies could get together just enough units to hold the US and the game.
    With UK in the need to ship everything to Washington, the final push towards Germany got stuck and for many rounds it looked like a stalemate between over hundred German and Russian units in Easter Europe and Belorussia respectively.
    Over the next few rounds the US could finally consolidate whilst taking some of the Pacific islands from Japan. Thus UK could once again turn towards Germany, forcing back their army due to the threat of a one-two-punch and inevitably deciding the game while the US kept Japans forces at bay. Eventually as the Allies grew strong enough the British attacked Berlin firstly to weaken their forces so that Russia could sack the Germans.
    Thanks a lot to Dirty_Tirpitz. I indeed enjoyed playing with you and the friendly atmosphere as well as this highly interesting and good game!

    • jmpsmsh

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