Unit repair no longer working

  • My map has a number of units with more than one hit point. Some with as many as 4 or 5 hit points. I have the option set to do battleship repairs at the beginning of the turn, not the end.

    This worked great on version 1.8. When I brought my script over to 1.9, the only changes I had to make were to change the spelling of Attatch to Attach throughout the xml file. But the unit repairs no longer happen. I have tested repeatedly, but damaged units never repair.

    Is this a known bug with 1.9?

  • I have found the problem. These are new lines of code that need to be there:

    <property name="Units Repair Hits Start Turn" value="true" editable="true">
    <property name="Units Repair Hits End Turn" value="false" editable="true">

    The old ones referring to battleships repairing at start or end don't hurt anything if they are there but they no longer work for units in 1.9.

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