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  • Only issue I can see with using an image over HTML (text) for the game notes is that the former will upscale with pretty janky interpolation if the display resolution for tripleA is increased beyond 1080p.

    Font will upscale normally within tripleA using the point system, so12px font will become 24px font, if your resolution defaults to 150% (Windows at 1440p will suggest this). But if you create a png of an image with the 12pt and upscale that instead, you will see some pretty heavy pixelation and jpeggery there. Even starting with a larger pt font, you'd have the same issue when it's upscaled, since it's raster.

    Same deal for small graphics like flags and roundels or units when they're shown within the UI as opposed to the main map (which can be scaled manually). The stuff within the UI like for game Notes, that just goes off whatever the display resolution you have set for Font scale in the Windows display settings.

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  • @beelee today i learned

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  • B

    What does TIL mean ?

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  • @beelee TIL there are game notes

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