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  • @frostion @redrum

    Ok I got it. Manually editing the vc.txt file worked. But need to have it in the correct format. As shown, rather than name of image and coordinates, need name of territory and coordinates. For some reason, not sure exactly why, the mapmaker was not able to do this (in desired locations). Or maybe I just don't know how to.

    Germany (1159,383) United Kingdom (869,277) Eastern United States (223,496) Western Europe (979,416) Southern Europe (1088,673) Russia (1719,256) Karelia S.S.R. (1318,258) India (1931,917) Philipine Islands (2531,1001) Western United States (3493,443) Japan (2715,537) Kwantung (2412,805)

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  • C

    @general_zod said in What is command to not show VC images via

    I want to display VC images just not where TripleA places them, so I am placing via decorations.txt, but I need to turn off the auto placements to avoid duplicate VC images per territory.

    I don't understand why you want this. If you are using the same image for all victory cities, just use the vc.txt file and have in it the coordinates you intend to have in decorations.txt. This is the proper way to do it.

    Anyways, what you want can be hacked by having an invisible vc image.

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  • Yes I think it defaults to the centers file if the vc file is not there.

    You should keep the vc file and manually edit the coordinates. If there is no sign of the edits working / no changes on screen, I usually find that it is a file naming issue, file capitalization or me editing the wrong file in the wrong dir 😁

    BTW: Moved the topic from Help/Questions to Map Making.

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  • @redrum I tried to delete the vc.txt file, but it still is placing as it the file existed. It seems to be defaulting to something in the center.txt is my guess.

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