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    One thing that can cause this is the reliefTiles images are opaque. If you are using reliefTiles they should be set to about 50% transparent to allow color to show through.

    This is just a guess.


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    I can send both my xml and Properties files
    As you can see, the colors are showing up in the minimap, but not the actual map
    Thanks for any help!

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    Bombers were an odd thing in WW2. They weren't effective against ships who could evade their high-altitude attacks (except for slow moving transports). Doctrine dictated their use against strategic targets but when used against operational or tactical targets (as happened in the Normandy campaign) they were effective.

    I would think that you could use cannotTarget with bombardment attacks, but I would test to make sure. Bombardment isn't all that effective in TripleA, as ships are more expensive then planes and only get to fire the first round.

    Amphibious attacks are too easy in TripleA, Consider the huge effort to put 7 divisions ashore in Normandy. On the other hand transporting units in non-combat situations is too hard.

    All units having AA is not a bad idea (operational losses were significant) but you should make planes more effective or cheaper. Planes having an AA-type attack could be interesting.

    Give your ideas a try and see how they work.

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  • Its correct but I wouldn't want to have a unit that has only one purpose like strategic bombing. I have been toying with these ideas after discussings what would you think?

    AAgun is removed and instead all units get AA ability except transports and submarines. Fighter becomes 2/3/4 with 6 cost. Bomber 3/1/6 8 cost.

    Submarine: 2/2/2 6 cost same features with v3.
    Destroyer: 2/2/2 8 cost same featrues with v3
    Crusier: 3/3/2 10 cost, bombard
    Carrier: 1/2/2 16 cost 2 cap.
    B.Ship: 4/4/2 20 cost bombard.

    Sounds like it became way harder to perform amphibious invasion but it can be compensated by increasing handicapped side's production.

    There is also trench with 0/1/0 'HP, it gives various options but it totally negates bombardment abilities when cruiser is already realtively bad unit.

    Could there be way to make them useless against naval bombardment?

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