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Recent Posts

  • @rogercooper
    As "movementCostModifier" is part of territoryEffectAttachment is is very limited to what else you can do.

    However if each unit type has its nationality/faction built into the unit like "infantry-usa" or "roman-infantry" then you can target who gets the benefit or not.

    I think that might be as good as is gets.

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  • R

    @thedog Is there anyway to modify the costs based on territory control?

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  • I thought I would share how I am using "movementCostModifier"

    territoryEffectAttachment - for controlling movement

    The movementCostModifier can be used in the following ways;

    Simulate a Railway/Road, can move twice as far, costs 1 -0.5 = 0.5 to enter <option name="movementCostModifier" value="Tank:Truck" count="-0.5"/> Simulate a Warp-Drive, can give unlimited movement,costs 1 -1 = 0 to enter, <option name="movementCostModifier" value="Enterprise" count="-1"/> Block movement into terrain type, for move 2 unit, costs 1 +3 = 4 to enter, <option name="movementCostModifier" value="Mere:Gigas" count="3"/> Simulate slower move on a River, for move 2 unit, costs 1 +1 = 2 to enter, <option name="movementCostModifier" value="Greatship:Longboat" count="1"/>

    Block movement can be used for one directional territory connections.

    My map Settlers: Fallen Empire
    Uses three of the above examples, Warp-Drive=unlimited movement and Slower move on a River and Block movement.

    A free/unlimited move.
    This is how Catapults are intended to work.
    In the Place phase, put them next to a Settlement.
    Next turn Attack with just the Catapult and do a Bombing raid, in the Non Combat phase retreat the Catapult, repeat until the Fort or Castle falls.
    This is achieved by coding the Catapult not to use its movement to enter the Settlement territory and so can use its move in the Non Combat phase.
    <option name="movementCostModifier" value="Catapult" count="-1"/> <!-- Allows Catapult to retreat from sieging a Settlement

    Slower move - Move 2 sea units can only move 1 on a river.
    This is achieved by making it cost 2 (1+1) to enter a river territory.
    <option name="movementCostModifier" value="Greatship:Longboat" count="1"/>

    Block Movement
    Gives the same result as the option "unitsNotAllowed".

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  • I'd like this feature as well. It could work great to mimic Brest-Litovsk agreement more realistically without using triggers or Communists.

    For example CP occupies all these territories but unables to advance more deeper while Russia (Whatever tsarist, democratic or communist) can retake these teritories if CP doesn't defent them properly. So CP will need to tie significant forces to keep these territories.

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