WaW Customized. Lots of units

  • BigWorldBIG.tsvg

    Was recommended to post this here. It is just a save game file - and am going to look into creating it into a "mod" but don't have time atm.

    I have tested it out a few times over the last year and tweaked some stuff around but it plays fairly realistically - axis do well in the early turns with allies able to turn it around if they organize.

    Feel free to download and have a go yourself. trying to use ai doesn't really work as there are too many units and you will run into errors, if you do some initial "obvious" moves for them then save and switch to ai that has been the only work around but is tedious.

    makes for an epic game with huge battles that makes you value different units based on your strategy as opposed to original versions.

    If anyone wants to PBEM LMK!

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