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  • Just doing another run, this time as Germany solo with everyone else controlled by the hard AI.

    I think the strongest play from Germany is to slam into Russia, either pressing the Leningrad pocket via amphib or darting to Stalingrad with mech, then redirect West after the Russians are handled. The runner up would be doing it in the reverse order, with Sea Lion first to control the western approach by sea, then redirect East to focus entirely on Russia before they gain the upper hand. But just for kicks, and since it was a solo, we opted for a third way: launch an expeditionary force to mess with the minors! haha

    Takes probably 4 or 5 transports to have much impact against any of the other Allies, and a fair amount of fuel just to move the transports, but its pretty entertaining. Fuel management I think is the most important thing to pulling it off, without just handing the game to the Soviets on a silver platter lol. I tried to build up the synth stockpile early on with a dozen or so additional green barrels to keep from burning out, since the first few rounds will tap all the reserves for sure.

    After the North Sea Zone I think the Freetown Sea Zone is maybe the strongest for Axis to occupy with a transport fleet.

    Takes a few turns to set up, but from that position Axis can threaten 6 Allied Factories and a couple Rally Points from a single sea zone. Hard for the Machine to defend all of them, so whichever ends up the weakest, Germany can just sweep them and then use production to set up a little colony to mess with Team Allies heheh.

    In this one we sent 5 transports and the Battleship out to the South Atlantic and used the rest to shuck units towards the Soviets since we knew they'd be fierce. G had just enough juice to crash the party in Stalingrad, but then had to strafe back home to safety in East Prussia. Our AI Axis buddies are bit unreliable, so we've been planning to go it alone for the most part. Finland is probably toast without some reinforcements at the last possible minute. We'll probably have to save them, or maybe not lol. But anyhow you can see the lanes down there off the coast of West Africa in the save below... Basically gives G the choice to disrupt South America or Africa, whichever is the more weakly defended. Here I think South America looks like the juicier prize, so probably will go that way to stomp! But its fun for a change of pace on this map.

    I noticed that AI Japan did purchase a new factory in Shanghai, so that's good to see. Probably most AI nations have more production than cash on hand so they don't really buy new factories, but I like how the rally points open up more possibilities and make some regions of the map and minor powers viable even if their main factory gets smoked hehe

    2021-4-8-Iron-War Germany Solo Transports G5.tsvg

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    Game Hearts of Iron: Awakening the giant
    Description The Big World map starting in Spring 41

    Good Points

    Not too many units Fairly historical economic strengths Interesting special units Extra nations with stuff to do

    Bad Points

    Rules glitches No victory conditions The tremendous economic strength of the US, makes it hard for the Axis to win

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    @iratoric My concern is that 2 turn battleship builds will never be built by the AI. It is worth mentioning that the Americans had no need for more battleships by the time they entered and neither British or Germans build any battleships during WW1 (British finished off ships already under construction), so perhaps the AI is correct in not building battleships.

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