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  • R

    @redrum You are right, I missed the descriptions of technology

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  • Unit changes for Saruman:

    dunlending wildman: 4 PUs, 2 move, 2/2 mountainwalk raider halforc: 5 PUs, 2 move, 2/5, 3 formation warg rider: 6? PUs, 4 move, 5/2, 4 charge uruk warrior: 8 PUs, 3 move, 4/3, 2 armor, 1 shield, raider uruk pikeman: PUs, 3 move, 4/6, 1 armor, 6 formation crebain: some weak 1 hit air unit wizard: idk really strong fire of orthanc: 2 move, 0/0, suicide, a shitload of siege


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  • Development news

    Cave dweller was a bit underwhelming, as being a "creature" as opposed to heavy infantry gave you more bonus in a cave than being cave dweller, and caves are rather rare anyway. Now it gives +2 attack and defense instead of +1. Forest dweller has a similar problem, but there are more forest territories, so I'm still thinking about that.

    For mapmakers

    TagX has a new feature: it can do set operations. ˇ is "or", or join; ^ is "and", or intersection, ~ is "and not", or set difference / except.

    What this means is that now territory effects are done. Once and for all. No matter how many new units I add, I won't even have to touch territory effects, they will be implemented automagically. Heck, it can even handle fortification units with raider ability, lest I should decide to go full retard.

    This is just to demonstrate the full power of the dark side TagX.

    <attachment name="territoryEffectAttachment" attachTo="settlement" javaClass="games.strategy.triplea.attachments.TerritoryEffectAttachment" type="territoryEffect"> <option name="combatOffenseEffect" value="@((infantry^melee)~(armor1ˇarmor2ˇarmor3))~raider@" count="0"/> <option name="combatDefenseEffect" value="@((infantry^melee)~(armor1ˇarmor2ˇarmor3))~garrison@" count="1"/> <option name="combatOffenseEffect" value="@(infantry^melee)^(armor1ˇarmor2ˇarmor3)~raider@" count="1"/> <option name="combatDefenseEffect" value="@(infantry^melee)^(armor1ˇarmor2ˇarmor3)~garrison@" count="2"/> <option name="combatOffenseEffect" value="@(ranged^infantry)~raider@" count="0"/> <option name="combatDefenseEffect" value="@(ranged^infantry)~garrison@" count="3"/> <option name="combatOffenseEffect" value="@cavalry~raider@" count="-2"/> <option name="combatDefenseEffect" value="@cavalry~garrison@" count="-1"/> <option name="combatOffenseEffect" value="@creature~raider@" count="-1"/> <option name="combatDefenseEffect" value="@creature~garrison@" count="-1"/> <option name="combatOffenseEffect" value="@flying~raider@" count="-1"/> <option name="combatDefenseEffect" value="@flying~garrison@" count="-1"/> <option name="combatOffenseEffect" value="@fortification~raider@" count="0"/> <option name="combatDefenseEffect" value="@fortification~garrison@" count="1"/> <option name="combatOffenseEffect" value="@noneˇraider^((infantry^melee)~(armor1ˇarmor2ˇarmor3))@" count="2"/> <option name="combatDefenseEffect" value="@noneˇgarrison^((infantry^melee)~(armor1ˇarmor2ˇarmor3))@" count="3"/> <option name="combatOffenseEffect" value="@noneˇraider^(infantry^melee)^(armor1ˇarmor2ˇarmor3)@" count="3"/> <option name="combatDefenseEffect" value="@noneˇgarrison^(infantry^melee)^(armor1ˇarmor2ˇarmor3)@" count="4"/> <option name="combatOffenseEffect" value="@noneˇraider^(ranged^infantry)@" count="2"/> <option name="combatDefenseEffect" value="@noneˇgarrison^(ranged^infantry)@" count="5"/> <option name="combatOffenseEffect" value="@noneˇraider^cavalry@" count="0"/> <option name="combatDefenseEffect" value="@noneˇgarrison^cavalry@" count="1"/> <option name="combatOffenseEffect" value="@noneˇraider^creature@" count="1"/> <option name="combatDefenseEffect" value="@noneˇgarrison^creature@" count="1"/> <option name="combatOffenseEffect" value="@noneˇraider^flying@" count="1"/> <option name="combatDefenseEffect" value="@noneˇgarrison^flying@" count="1"/> <option name="combatOffenseEffect" value="@noneˇraider^fortification@" count="2"/> <option name="combatDefenseEffect" value="@noneˇgarrison^fortification@" count="3"/> </attachment>

    (Note: "none" is just a tag, and only one unit, named "none", has it. This is necessary to avoid empty lists.)

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  • While the relief map is being done, I'm working on some less spectacular stuff. After the territory effects rework, now units will be reworked. (At the same time, the game xml is going to be integrated with TagX, at least partially.)

    First of all, a new ability will be added: shield is the equivalent of armor, except it works against ranged units, as opposed to armor which works against melee units.

    Second, "axe cavalry" and similarly uncreative units are going to be replaced with more immersive ones. To this end all players will get more unique units, and generic units will become less prevalent.

    Northmen already have their new unit set (as well as new color):
    Sorry for the map graphics, everything got screwed up with the map changes, so I'm now stuck with this sh... stuck with whatever this is.


    The five new units are:

    beorning warrior: 5 PUs, moves 2, 4 attack, 2 defense, 1 shield, has mountainwalk woodman: 5 PUs, moves 2, 1 attack, 3 defense, 4 antiair, 2 ranged bonus, forest dweller barding infantry: 7 PUs, moves 2, 3 attack, 4 defense, 2 formation, 2 armor, 2 shield raider: 5 PUs, moves 2, 4 attack, 1 defense, 2 flank, raider eotheod cavalry: 7 PUs, moves 4, 4 attack, 4 defense, 6 charge

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