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    Name Twelve Clans-Coaltions
    Description Japan in the Sengoku era

    Good Points

    Interesting units with nice art

    Bad Points

    Does not capture important elements of war in Sengoku period, such as fortresses, terrain and finances.

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    @schulz The rule in AA1914 prevents the Germans from gaining any more territory after the Russian Revolution, which limits the advantage of an eastern strategy.

    Optional Rule-The Russian Revolution
    Russia, already under great social and economic stress, may incur such desperate conditions that a Bolshevik revolution
    ignites. The revolution will occur at the end any Russian turn starting in round four if Russia is losing the war. Russia will be
    considered to be losing the war if all of the following conditions are met:
    • Three or more territories adjacent to Moscow are controlled by the Central Powers.
    • At least one other original Russian territory is controlled by the Central Powers or contested.
    • Moscow is controlled by Russia or contested.
    If the revolution occurs, the Imperial government is replaced with a republic. As a consequence of this, an armistice will be
    signed with the Central Powers, effectively removing Russia from the war, and the game. All Russian units outside of original
    Russian territories or Russian-controlled territories are immediately removed from the board, and Russia will no longer have
    a turn. The Central Powers may no longer attack Russian units or move units into territories controlled by Russia. Central
    Powers forces can move into or out of territories contested between them and Russia at any time. Russian units will not
    participate in any battles occurring in such territories. Rules restricting land unit movement out of contested territories (see
    page 15) no longer apply to Russian territories; however, the Central Powers must maintain at least one infantry unit in each
    such territory at all times. Central Powers continue to collect income for any Russian territories they control, but they do not
    collect income from contested territories.

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    @prastle said in Roger's Scenario Thread:

    @rogercooper as a minor thought. Do you mind if I add all links that you post to the top of the thread? Great job btw! Example …

    Name Age_Of_Sturlungs_0.0.3
    Description13th Century Icelandic Civil War. I added victory conditions

    You can, but I have been bringing my scenario collection over to the repository.

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  • I think the current one is a lot better than any alternative for gameplay reasons.

    If the Bolshevik Revolution was depends on the situation on the Eastern front, then almost all CP player would just prioritize it to happen to close one front quickly and gain new ally (Communists).

    Also it isn't realistic either setting up Communists neutral towards CP because Germany has still kept significant forces on the East even after signing of The Brest-Litovsk due to mistrust towards the Bolsheviks.

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