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  • @redrum When I am playing against myself... I am playing against a machine.

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  • I think what is happening is that the game is checking if Russia should take any territories, and it can't tell the difference between a territory Austria retreated from and a territory contested between Russia and Germany.

    Maybe there should be an option that air units can hold contested territories?

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  • @Cernel I think that is a slightly different but related use case. In @CrazyG example, the issue is really that there shouldn't be a changing of territory owner if there is a contested territory with units from 2 different teams where the current player doesn't own any of the units. So his example is that Russia attack Germany and was left with 1 Russian inf and 2 German recon planes in a contested territory owned by Germany. Then on Austria-Hungary's turn the Russian inf takes control of the territory and Germany loses its 2 planes as they can't land there now.

    Your example, France couldn't ever have planes starting in a territory owned by Austria-Hungary so isn't a possible scenario.

    But yes, I believe limited combat rounds work fine for land units and only 2 players (1 on each team) like Civil War. But I think air units and multiple players on each team hasn't ever been fully tested with limited combat rounds.

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  • C

    @CrazyG said in CrazyG's Big World War One:

    Contested territories and air units. It appears if the defender has only air units left, they lose the territory and all units are destroyed. Do you have any experience with this?

    No. But I tested it now. It appears happening when the defender is defending an enemy owned territory. Moreover, it appears having nothing to do with the air units being alone.

    Reproduction steps:
    Start "CrazyG's Giant World War 1".
    Remove all units but 1 Infantry in "France 19".
    Add 3 "Recon-Plane" in "France 19".
    Change the ownership of "France 19" to "Austria-Hungary".
    Attack with all from "Germany 25".
    Take only air units as casualties with France (the battle should end contested with 1 Infantry and 1 or 2 Recon-Planes left, for the defender).
    Skip/end Germany's turn.

    At the end of "Non Combat Move", the surviving France's "Recon-Planes" are removed, for being unable to land.

    The limited combat round (as well as a bunch of other stuff) is the half-backed aftermath of several aborted attempts at making the WW1 version of a well known boardgame brand.

    However, without politics involved and with only two fixed alliances, fully at war with each other, I don't believe that, beside editing, you can ever be in that situation, as someone's aeroplanes in an enemy owned territory could go there only during one's turn, and would have already crashed during it.

    However, this might be a bug or unintended behaviour, relevant for games with politics or with not fully polarized relationships, in which some player, you are allied with, may liberate a territory, your air is in, in favour of another player you are at war with.

    Is the situation you are experiencing something like what I described and, if so, how did you actually get in that condition (of having air in an enemy owned territory outside your turn)?

    p.s.: If you want to go humorous and simple, I suppose you can call it simply "Giant War".

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