Can Air Transport be removed from land combat? +other paratrooper Qs.

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    If the matter would be that using a bomber as transport should cause the bomber to permanently downgrade into a transport, I'm not sure about that. I don't know how easy or hard would be to get back an ex bomber being a bomber again. Clearly it must have been easy for the SM 81, also considering they were operating in Civil War Spain, but it may be not as easy for other bombers. I didn't really think about this matter, when I just pointed out that you could convert bombers for transport stuff or men, instead (also pointing out I said "convert", not just use).

    Anyways, I maintan that, in a grand strategic game (say 1 turn being 2 weeks or more), if you have 1 bomber and 1 infantry/etc. in a territory, and those units are representing amounts that can be congruent (or you have another air transport unit, that can transport the same 1 infantry/etc., and it is some cheaper than the bomber), then you should be able to use the bomber to transport the infantry. Of course, in this case the bomber should not perform as bomber. If that bomber should also turn permanently into a transport, if you do that, I'm not sure, and I didn't touch this matter at all in my initial post, beside hinting that a conversion was needed. Most likely this would vary from bomber and bomber, and it is going to be hard to find data about it.

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    Also pointing out that, in a game like TripleA, where 1 round may be several months, but you can perform 1 single movement with each air unit, that movement is representing a number of going back and forth from the two territories you are landing on (that may be the same if you land where you started), as many as the implied real time would allow, at least in my mind. So, say, if you have 1 infantry and 1 transport, and the transport can transport 1 infantry per turn, that infantry should be the amount that you can transport over the course of the implied real time represented by the round (assuming you have 1 turn per round).

    Similarly, for example, in a game where "Germany" is a single territory, and you bomb it from "United Kingdom", landing in there too, I see that like those bombers doing that same operation for many times over, in game being simplified by you doing it only once.

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