Global 1940 2nd Edition PBEM - Opponents Wanted!

  • Anyone up for 1vs1 game?

    Regular dice (not low luck)
    Tech on or off (up to you)
    16 bid for allies to place before game start (normal bid placement restrictions)

    If interested, choose your side!

  • I noticed this is pretty old, but I came here to see if anyone is interested in a 1v1 PBEM game in Global 1940 so this is a perfect fit!

    Were you still interested in playing?

    I haven't played with bids before so you'd have to explain that part to me. (Or send a link where I can read up on it.)

    Tech I have no preference, thought I usually don't go for it much even if it's on.

  • @Andrew232 Sure, I would love to get a game going!
    Let go no tech for first game.
    The idea of a "bid" is to even out the game since most players feel the Axis has an advantage with the standard set up. Players go back and forth until one player is not willing to accept the Allies with a lower starting bid (usually between 12-16). This is PU that can be assigned to various allied countries to place units before the germans take their first turn. Standard placement rules: only one unit can be added per territory, units placed must be of the same country that controls the territory it is placed in (land) or with other units of the same country (sea), no buildings can be placed. Bid can be given all to one country or split between allied countries...any left over amount is added to that countries PU for later spending.

  • We can play without a bid but I would like to be Axis if so 🙂

  • Okay that sounds good, so if I were to start then I'd say "I'm willing to accept the Allies at a bid of 16." Then as a reply you'd either say that you'd accept them at 15 or that you won't accept being allies, in which case I would be the Allies and I'd start with 16 PU worth of units to add.

    I assume we'd add the units using the "edit" function.

    I'll start by saying I am willing to accept the Allies at 16. (For real this time and not as an example.)

  • Good deal, you are allies!
    What and where would you like to spend the 16PU?

    I will place them and then do the German turn.

    Good Luck!
    My email is:

  • I'll take two extra infantry in India (6 PU) and two infantry and an artillery in Egypt. (10 PU)

    I'll PM you my email.

  • emailed you about scramble option for UK during German 1 combat

  • Hi there,

    anyone interested in a 1940 Global 2nd Edition PBEM?
    Dice, bid, no tech.

    Contact me under toni_ailton86(at)

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