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  • Hi. my tanks are anxious to roll! Join me in a fight global1940.

    I used to be active here some years ago and now I really wanna revisit axis and allies. I like to do at least one turn a day, but has a lot of free time now, so if you are looking for a player in any version or game I might be your guy.

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  • Hi,

    It's been a long time since I played A&A1940 last time, but I'd really like to play againa.
    Not sure which is the "balanced edition", but glad to play 1vs1 with you and learn.

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  • S

    @jscc what map or maps do you like to play? do you like playing using dice or low luck?

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  • J

    Basically what the title says. I know the game, and have played a few times vs AI, but would like to play more often, and preferably with someone who can give me pointers along the way.

    Thank you

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