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  • @tangoromeo
    Please use the private message (chat) feature for your private request.
    Thank you.

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  • @Eboy82

    Hey, I don't have your email. Can you send it to me again for pbem?


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  • O

    Could play a bit online as well once things get rolling, they take a while!

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  • We do wish to rewrite the MARTI dice server. Doing so would allow us to move it to a different machine and retire the old that is costing the project $10/month (not a lot, but for the sake of just running a 'legacy' application, we're talking about roughly 15% of our total monthly cost just in this one server).

    An updated version would presumably avoid email and perhaps have an in-game integration to validate the dice rolls against the dice rolls stored on the server. Some sort of block-chain like checksum might be all that is needed to validate the dice rolls are accurate, or we could potentially do something like show the full history of what was stored vs what is in the game.

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