Statistics of losses?

  • Hallo!
    First of all I would like to thank the entire community, especially modders, admins and supporters, for such a very clever game TripleA.
    I have a question:

    Is there anywhere a possibility to see the accumulated statistics of the number of units lost for all nations during the singleplayer game?

    Not only during the particular round, but accumulated for all rounds since the start of the match.
    For example: round Nr. 10
    nation 1 - present round: lost 10 units, since the start: lost 234 units,
    nation 2 - present round: lost 5 units, since the start: lost 345 units,
    nation 3 - present round: lost 15 units, since the start: lost 456 units.

    As far as I know (sorry if I'm wrong) the game collects lots of detailed info in the game history, but no accumulated statistics about every nation since the start of the match for the number of units built/lost, number of resources received/spent, total unit value of the units built/lost.

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