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    @thedog said in Curated Best/Top Maps & TripleA Guides:

    are not going to be implemented anytime soon.

    😁 😁 😁

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  • @joseph-prince
    The reason for this thread is because Map Tags are not going to be implemented anytime soon.

    Map Tags has 109+ posts and maybe/finally had a consensus.

    However, this thread is my attempt to give players a head start on the 300+ maps and give them a starting point in their favoured period, then they can make up their minds on what they like.

    I might add a few more Emojis, suggestions welcome, to group maps, but wanted to keep the current white space for text, like Age of Tribes.

    Good call and I have expanded it 😁

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  • @thedog some suggestions

    quality of AI play, even if the map is not made to specifically do player vs AI. Include info on if map has settings which make mechanics more basic to improve AI performance.

    time to play / complexity ratings. Not sure how this could be measured, probably the time to play the first round through, and the average length of a full game start to finish.

    basic info on the unit types for purchase in each game

    basic info on what nations are playable, categories...
    Majors: a few large nations (UK, Germany, Japan, USA, USSR, etc) with mids/minors clumped into them (i.e Italy being lumped into Germany in older A&A versions)
    Mids: Majors plus a few middle powers (Italy, ANZAC, China, etc) also possibly including minor powers that have been clumped together (Puppet_States being combo of FinlandRomaniaHungaryBulgariaVichy, etc)
    Minors: All sorts of countries playable (Finland, Romania, Thailand, etc) also possibly including even non-country factions (Japan being split between their Army and their Navy in World At War)

    politics information / status of neutrals, categories...
    None: Neutrals are same as impassable territories / politics are pretty much unchanging
    Basic: Single-type Neutrals, invadable by either side / politics changes based on triggers/conditions
    Intermediate: G40-style multi-type Neutrals, some Pro-Axis/Alllied. Politics has some player interaction but is largely a sideshow
    Complex: More varied neutrals, possibly even "neutral powers" that can be brought on side with politics (TWW style). Politics is a major and integral part of the gameplay

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    @thedog since it's for new players, maybe throw the tutorial in there ?

    nice work 🙂

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