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  • @mattbarnes

    In that case, if Google rejected to send your mails, you would receive sort of an error message sent to you by Google, that would (more or less cryptically) explain the reason for rejection.
    Did you receive any related message? Maybe check your spam folder.

    On the recipient's side, a common reason is that the storage is full. Depending on your opponent's mail provider there are sometimes ridiculously low storage capacities. Many users are totally unaware of these limitations.
    Another reason might be that your opponent maybe plays on a company's PC, and the company's mail server set-up started to filter out those mails/attachments.

    I doubt that a provider cares to reject *.tsvg files. But in the unlikely event a provider does, you can zip the *.tsvg to send out zip-files instead. Of course the opponent has to unzip the zip-file then, to use the *.tsvg file.

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  • M

    @panther Hi. I literally just attach the .TSVG files to emails from my gmail account to send to my opponent. Always used to work. Now it seems to be getting rejected by his provider or mine. They are not landing in his spam.

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  • B

    @numetalfan yea, so for now, you need to unzip it and put that folder in the downloadedMaps for it to work and delete the zip or 2 will show up.

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  • T

    @cernel that would probably be a project too far for me at the moment but thank you very much for your consideration. I'm mostly just a player of Axis and Allies games that makes strategy videos from time to time.

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