new production unit - barracks

  • @wc_sumpton said in new production unit - barracks:

    because it has 'purchaseNoPUs

    ahh...yea that makes things a bit different ūüôā Guess I need to pay more attention before commenting.

    I'm not sure how you can get China to buy and place a barracks. It might be easier to just give China a regular purchase phase. Idk

  • @belee

    Chinese are no longer a problem, it works as usual, the program counts their countries and they get their infantry units.

    the thing that does not work ist to place the barracks production unit in a country of my choice.
    tripleA forces me to build the newly bought barracks in a country, where a factory already exist.

    And this is very strange, because the other production units, the small factory and the shipyard, they can be build in any country.

    But I will test what happens, if I reduce the maxFactory per territory back to 1.
    I will report.

  • problem solved!

    it was the maxFactory per territory set to 1.

    everything works now

  • @Numetalfan Sweet !

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