Urgent: AI purchase, placement and amphibious noncombat

  • Hi all
    I hope i can reach some AI specialists out there.
    I have 3 problems wich are frustrating and difficult to get information about and eventually get a workaround.

    1. AI amphibious non-combat transport
    The AI seems either not to be able or willing to move the following unit by sea transport in non-combat. It moves it only by land.

    <attachment name="unitAttachment" attachTo="TrenchInf" javaClass="games.strategy.triplea.attachments.UnitAttachment" type="unitType">
    <option name="attack" value="0"/>
    <option name="defense" value="3"/>
    <option name="movement" value="1"/>
    <option name="transportCost" value="3"/>
    <option name="isLandTransportable" value="true"/>
    <option name="canNotMoveDuringCombatMove" value="true"/>
    *(tested with and without construction addon)
    *<option name="constructionType" value="Trench"/>
    *<option name="maxConstructionsPerTypePerTerr" value="10"/>
    *<option name="constructionsPerTerrPerTypePerTurn" value="1"/>

    Could be canNotMoveDuringCombatMove preventing the AI to perform normal amphibious non-combat moves with this unit ?

    It seems the only reason i can see. Eventually AA related problem.
    This would be one rare instance of modding the game in which I would have to dismiss a whole simple unit concept. Because if i can do it, AI should do it aswell !

    2. AI construction placement
    The AI is only placing constructions (like bunker) on territories containing a factory.

    Any idea of how to get AI placing a construction on territories without factory ?

    The only thing what i could think of is a rule thing going on or it is something about the tactical AI itself.

    <property name="More Constructions with Factory" value="true" 
    <property name="More Constructions without Factory" value="true"
    <property name="Unlimited Constructions" value="false"

    3. Ingame: Debug -> Hard AI Settings -> AI Logging
    ->Efficieny values !?

    Gathered data from different basic unit example variations out of AI Logging to help reading:
    Example land units (movement ignored: doesnt change Efficiency)

    A/D @ PUs = hitPointEfficiency - attackEfficiency - defenseEffieciency
    1/1 @ 1 PU = 1.4 ---------------- 5.0 --------------- 5.0
    1/1 @ 2 PU = 0.7 ---------------- 2.5 --------------- 2.5

    2/2 @ 1 PU = 1.8 ---------------- 8.0 --------------- 8.0
    2/2 @ 2 PU = 0.9 ---------------- 4.0 --------------- 4.0

    1/2 @ 1 PU = 1.6 ---------------- 6.0 --------------- 7.0
    1/1 @ 4 PU = 0.35 --------------- 1.25 ------------- 1.25
    1/2 @ 4 PU = 0.4 ---------------- 1.5 --------------- 1.75

    I see a pattern, but........math is not my strength

    How does the engine get to those numbers ?
    Formula ? Code ?
    Are those numbers in any way responsible for the purchase behavior of the AI ?
    How and when does the AI take into account movement when purchasing units ?

    I hope someone can look into this
    Thanks for reading

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