Defending is a nightmare

  • Can't find any answers to this:

    Scenario: Enemy AI attacks with large force, I defend with large force

    First Round Outcome: I lose many, enemy loses few (happens all the time)

    Question1: Is it supposed to be like that?

    Question2: Any way to bolster defence other than "low luck" mechanic?

  • You can use the battle calculator to see what the expected outcome is. It really depends on what the composition of the forces is.

  • @Simon-Westerlund Bit of a late reply here... So, I was noticing this also, in WaW 1940. What map are you playing?

    I was concluding that the AI likes to use artillery and Mech inf with Infantry stacks, getting very high combat rolls, turning infantry into attacking at 3!

    I am making my own mod of it, and turning mech inf into artillery supportable, not artillery. I am hoping this helps!

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    if you are seeing a large attack force coming, from a turn or two away, stack where you think the attack is going to land, use calculator to see what the out come will look like, if it looks real bad, run away and defend somewhere else.

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