• Friend and I used to play this map a few years ago and have rediscovered it. We refamiliarized ourselves and are looking for anyone wanting to do a 2v2 or a 1v2 using either of the WaW maps.

  • @Lunkhead
    I'm all in. Anytime.

  • Saw your post. Do you have a preference on which map you prefer? It's been a while since my friend and I played on the internet, is there a side that is seen as needing a bid? Ideally we would want to play 2 games with the same bid(if there is one) and then swap sides for the second game.

  • I am usually playing 'World At War', but any other would be great. Basically, I would like to experience PBEM. I am big fan of WAW, but without any experience with anything other than P vs. AI. So I don't use bids. (Right now winning isn't my priority either.) So any of the maps is ok. I can try to find a teammate if you two wish to play together.

  • If you want to find a teammate great! If not no worries. On the map situation I mean there are two versions of WaW. Do you have a preference on which one you want to play? Also what settings do you use for the map options? Outside of low luck which needs to be on for this kind of map, we're pretty flexible. Feel free to pick a side you want to play first we enjoy both sides. Let me know about the map, map options and side you want to play and you can either find a teammate or not and we can get this game going!

  • Not happy to hear this. I never play with low luck. I don't understand why this map requires it. Will have to reread the rules about it. Since it is an extremely long game, I don't wish to wind up in something I don't like. Give me a couple of hours.

  • I agree with LL. I would like to start as Ally. These are my preferences about map. I hope you like it.Screenshot (1).png

  • Sorry. A mistake. I prefer WAW 1940, if you don't mind. Here are map options.Screenshot (2).png

  • Sent you a private chat Mora so we can get the game going.

    Side note if anyone else wants to get a game going in addition to this one please message me. Always trying to find more people to play with!

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