Seeking Debugging Problems Advice

    1. Is there a way to self diagnose errors in general (for instance by playing around with assets and game configuration files) or is it really only possible by debugging the game engine as it is running and examining the underlying java code?

    I played AAA in the past and don't remember getting errors before. I like this long game scenario "A Song of Ice and Fire" but can't get to the end because the game will get stuck on pop up errors which are non recoverable (some it seems you can click OK and continue).

    The only way around some errors it to go back to an old map version and then disable some factions to branch around the error they are causing.

    1. Is it possible to use my limited java skills to diagnose this error, or is there a long learning curve to get up to speed in this area?

    2. Or is it best to simply record the recreation steps, upload your game file and wait for a more experienced dev to work out the issues when they have time?

  • @podle I have heard that there are a number of issues with that map. I think it didn't get fully finished, especially the eastern island. I haven't actually played it, but that is my memory from another thread.

    That said, you can turn on the console and get more detailed error messages. That setting is in the 'Game' tab of engine preferences.

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