AA Auto Casualty documentation?

  • I'm going through the AA auto casualty selection code (when Choose AA Casualties is off) and I'm wondering if there is any documentation anywhere on how it is supposed to work. Some things don't work the way I would expect it to.

    An example is the Low Luck auto casualty selection. This happens if either Low Luck or Low Luck for AntiAircraft are turned on. It grabs a lot of random numbers to do its calculations which feels odd to me considering this is "low luck".

    Another example is Roll AA Individually. I can't understand how it is functionality different than Random AA Casualties. The code is different but the end result is basically the same thing. Both of them appear to have the same amount of randomness. And Roll AA Individually actually calls the code behind Random AA Casualties in many cases.

    Is there some place where someone described how things "should" work? Are there known issues with it that might help me understand where things are broken?

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