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    Oracle Java works fine. Your issue is that your system java install was java8. You can avoid this issue by setting the path to the java executable bundled with Triplea v2.5/2.6 on Windows, as suggested in my previous post or by modifying the classpath environment variable.

    The hotkey to hide the menubar is ctrl released ALT: Press CTRL (hold), then press Alt. Releasing Alt fires the hotkey.

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  • Thanks as Oracles Java did not work, but your adoptopenjdk.net works well.

    Had a quick test and the only comment is the Menu Bar ctrl+alt appears to work best when I
    press ctrl (hold down) then
    press alt
    Pressing ctrl+alt together does not always work, but the above does.

    Otherwise looking very good.

    How do I uninstall adoptopenjdk.net, it has no Win10 Uninstall and is not listed in the Apps?
    A quick Google says to remove the environment path variable, is that the best way to uninstall it and then manually delete the folder?

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    Java versions

    to run a jar file, path.to/java.exe -jar BFrame.jar

    Java 11 is required, to check the version: path.to/java.exe -version
    It is possible to have multiple version of java installed on a system at the same time, but the version used by triplea (v2.5/2.6) is java 11.

    JRE (Java runtime) only allows to run programs.
    JDK (Java development kit) allows to (modify) compile programs as well as run them.
    available at: https://adoptopenjdk.net/

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    The jar version v0.11 has now been uploaded:

    It can be used for experimentation, ex: with the player flag icon size (24, 32, 48), which sets the size of the bottomBar.

    Menus can be reorganised, ex: the File Menu entry could be removed.

    I would expect to add the sidepanel layout.

    Some different features will be added to the dev build (ex active hideable menu).

    Unless there are issues with it (I haven't done much testing and only on Win10), I would expect to open a pull request to add fullscreenMode to the triplea v2.6.

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